«Rooks have come!» — Russian Air Forces smash «Al-Qaeda» in Idlib, «Тigers» liberate cities (VIDEO)

«Rooks have come!» — Russian Air Forces smash «Al-Qaeda» in Idlib, «Тigers» liberate cities (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Media resources associated with terrorist gangs published series of videos showing Russian war planes attack militants’ positions near Idlib and Hama provinces’ border where exhausing battles between Syrian Arab army and «Al-Qaeda»* and its allies are unfolding.

Su-25 strike aircrafts and Su-34 fighter jets have come to help their Syrian allies. Those planes are fearmongers for the terrorists’ gangs in Idlib’s South. 

Su-25 «Rooks» are armoured strike aircrafts intended for direct air support of land forces. Video shows how they strike with unguided missiles. 

Supported by Russian Air Forces Syrian Arab army has regained control over another key town in the South-East of Idlib which had been captured by the Islamists several days ago within powerful counteroffensive operation which is subsiding now. 

«Tigers» regained control over Tal Maraq town which is in some way gates for further offensive and advance to the North, there is strategic road-crossing near the town. 

Next SAA’s aim is town of Houwein. After Tal Maraq had been taken governmental artillery started shelling terrorists’ combat positions in that area. 

Though it remains to be seen if rebels’ have drained their offensive capability. Because recent row of regained settlements and towns during 36 hours clearly indicates that might be quite true. 

According to Arab media terrorists in Idlib have used chemical weapon twice against SAA over the last three days in Idlib. Chlorine attacks were carried out in Houwein and Sanjar towns area. Both attacks had poor effect, several soldiers were given medical assistance.

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* terror organization banned in Russian Federation