America's new failure in Syria: Moscow wins, Washington plots revanche

America's new failure in Syria: Moscow wins, Washington plots revanche | Русская весна

Fight against terrorism in Syria is approaching its final stage. The nearest future brings conflict settlement to negotiation tabl where each party has its place except inernational terrorists.

Another confirmation is Washington's exaggerated attention to Syria’s problems at UNO. 

Some time before Moscow vetoed prolongation of UN-OPCW mission in Syria. That resolution would have extended by a year an investigation of who is behind chemical weapons attacks in Syria. As reported by Russia’s representatives at UN the last JIM’s report «was based mostly on assumptions and selective use of facts». 

It s not the first time for the two years of JIM operation when Russia doubted its effectiveness. One of the main кeasons to criticize JIM was investigation of Khan-Sheikhoun (Idlib province) case where sarine gas had been reportedly used. 

The blame for the chemical attack is laid upon the Syrian government though there wasn’t any solid proof provided by now. The specialists didn’t take any probe at Syrian Shayrat airbase where the strike had reportedly been made from. Western elites and some neighbours of Syria turned out to be beneficiaries of the situation as they used «chemical occasion» to discredit acting president of the country Bashar al-Assad. 

Moscow’s veto met quite predictable reaction of the «partners». US ambassaor to UN Nikki Haley came to a conclusion that Russia «killed» JIM and assured that Washington wouldn’t leave chemical weapon issue. It’s obvious that Miss Haley’s announcement is just big empty talk as this is not about killing West’s biased instrument but about ban on its prolongation under aegis of the United Nations.  

USA prepare counterstrike in Syria 

However if we ask ourselves why the US want to discuss «chemical issue» right now several scenarios come to light. 

The first thing to be highlighted — creation of a «required» informational background.

Apart from Syria’s South-East where governmental forces are fighting ISIS* right now, there are several centers of tension in the country, te biggest one is in Idlib province. Earlier US  Department of the State published recommendations for the American citizens not to visit Syria on its official website. One of the main reasons for such recommendations was high risk of chemical weapon employment there. Acording to that recommendation Idlib is risk-prone area which appearingly has reason behind it. 

Let me remind that in 2013–2014 during implementation of destruction of Syria's chemical weapons plan it was reported that part of the weapons had come into militants’ hands. Taking into account that information about «Jabhat an-Nusra»* (the illegal armed group is mostly dislocated in Idlin now) possesing poisonous agents regularly appears on Internet we may assume that US intelligence knows much more. 

Returning to Washington creating «required» informational bacjground we need to say that the possibility of active hostilities between the terrorists and SAA is very high in Idlib. It looks like the West preperes itself and world community to a scenario when one of the parties goes in for «chemistry». then comes a perfect oppotunity to blame another side.

Besides we cannot disregard America’s principled ground towards legit Syrian government and authorities being opponent to Russian position on Syrian settlement and reconciliation is mere attepmt to take exceptional position in post-war negotiations on Syria. It looks like “guarantor of peace and democracy” which obviously failed its Syrian project (just another one in the Middle East) keeps on chasing rainbows as for remaining possibility of winning this war.  

Nevertheless the exam on poliical chemistry running to its end, the results are soon to be announced. Seems like the lowest mark again! 

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Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.