Syria: Fear of the Russian army stopped US militants

Syria: Fear of the Russian army stopped US militants | Русская весна

«At-Tanf standoff», or «Russian factor» in Syria.

Western press has been mentioning At-Tanf oasis recently which is located where Syrian, Iraqi and Jordanian borders meet. There are plenty of reasons: the first one is Rukban refugee camp located there; the second one is US military base not far from there where American instructors train militants. 

We need to mention that the mere presence of the American servicemen in Syria raises certain questions from the side of world community. 

America: Why staying in Syria afer ISIS defeat

Certain media resources referring to NGOs report that American military presence in Syria is absolutely necessary. 

In particular such American research institutions like «Carnegie Endowment for Intrenational Peace» and «New Centre for Amerian Security» have simultaneously published a report where they called not to withdraw US Special Operations forces from At-Tanf.

They are supposedly required in te region to oppose Iranian expansion. 

The drive of such reports is clear: White House has hard position as for spread of Iranian influence till Mediterranian against anti-Iranian sanctions for uranium enrichment program and general strain between Tehran and Washington. 

Especially that America supports Kurds, «moderate opposition» like «Free Syrian Army» and other separatist movemnets in the Syrian territory.

On the other side returning to At-Tanf topic militants fron «Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra» illegal armed group and other roups like that say on social media that еун are not going to move towards Albukemal like it has been reported by press. 

Claims like that seem to sound quite loud as Albukemal is appearingly becoming crucial point in geat fight for Syria. Bavause it is being approached by US-backed Kurds from one direction, Iraqi army from the other and Syrian Arab army шт addition. 

Russian factor 

Control over Albukemal will guarrantee Syria’s sovereignity and open straight-through traffic with Iraq. That road may be opened only «Russian factor».

So it follows that militants standing at At-Tanf who threatened to raid Albukemal or even шт the rear of advancing governmental forces now refuse those threats or vene deny them. 

To sum up: Russia’s opinion counts in Syria. Russia has crucially changed the situation and power balance for those two years of its presence in Syria.

If before Moscow’s entrance extremists managed to capture around 80 percent of Syrian territory then 90 percent of it is under Syrian government control now. 

This would be impossible without Russia. The «Russian factor» has become real force for Damascus and the other geopolitical players in Syria they have to consider. That is why At-Tanf militans decided t think twce before advancing on Albukemal.  

Even Iran has taken in its sails as for Mediterranan expansion. Tehran certainly remains Assad’s ally in fighting ISIS* and other illegal armed groups, it coordinates with Moscow but its determination toexpand its influence in the regon has languished recently. 

The same cautios stance may be heard from Kurdish militia advancing from Euphrate opposite bank towards Syrian-Iran border. 

Although they are more closer to Albukemal than Assad’s troops they do not decide for assault. Happenstance? Unlikely. Who wants to become a target of warpalnes and airbombs so reputable among ISIS and other extremists? 

So if we correlate all the facts the militants’ «standoff» at At-Tanf could be easily explained by «Russian factor».

The same relates to other matters: Washington’s uncertain demenor, constrained moves of the so called moderate opposition and other forces — everyone guesses what would be Russia’s response.

Till Moscow lends exensive support to Syria its soverignity is guarranteed at the highest level and negotiations are сonducted at least from the position of the only legit governent if not from the position of stregth.


* terror organization banned i Russian Federation