The Ukrainian destroyed RuAF base in Syria once again: Hmeymim C-400 demolition «proof leak» (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The Ukrainian destroyed RuAF base in Syria once again: Hmeymim C-400 demolition «proof leak» (PHOTO, VIDEO) | Русская весна

On January 6 terrorists announced the destruction of the Russian C-400 surface-to-air missile system during the attack by military drones of the Khmeimim air base in the Syrian Latakia. Now it is reported that the data is allegedly confirmed, but for some reason images from the S-300 for 2016.

The Ukrainian media and social networks told about the "sensation" with reference to the "great" Russian blogger, "expert" on the Middle East Anatoly Nesmiyan, nicknamed "El Murid", who was the first in Russia to publish footage on his Facebook page, taking them from the media of the Syrian militants. "Analyst" for some reason did not come up with a simple idea: where such photos, allegedly made directly on the basis of Khemeymim, could be in the hands of bandits.

Totally extatic from these images terrorists from SAR, Russian Murid and the descendants of Sumerians from Ukraine (famous meme routed in Ukrainian singer Ruslana’s word about Ukrainians being were the descendants of Sumerians – edit.) happy to unite.

"The Kremlin vehemently denied the losses, but the information was unexpectedly confirmed," the authors of the "Dialogue.UA" magazine, faithful to the high standards of European journalism, say.

The network published pictures from a seriously damaged Russian "Triumph", which is clearly no longer subject to recovery, said in an article with photos of the S-300, and not the S-400.

"Maybe it's just inflatable models: it's possible to stand threateningly standing and symbolize the closed sky of Syria with their help," mocks Nesmiyan's Russian failure.

Regularly broadcasting propaganda of terrorists, El Murid also recalled that, according to the statements of the militants, with the air attack of drones, a Russian military aircraft was also destroyed, which he does not doubt contrary to the approval of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Shumerian enigmatic attack from the past 

"The great expert" did not have a clue to do simple Google photo search, otherwise he would immediately know that these frames appeared on the network as early as 2016 (see the video below).

According to the media, the shots show the consequences of the unsuccessful launch of the missile from the S-300P SAM. As the press wrote, the state of emergency occurred in the summer of 2016 during training at a training ground in the Astrakhan region. After the launch, the rocket engine did not fully turn on, it fell back and partially burned the unit.

Note that under the news of the virtual success of militants, the news of the Black Sea diggers, the ancient Sumerians, was maliciously discussed. As usual, they showed wonders of intelligence and incredible knowledge in world history.

"Well, it's in the repertoire of the Muscovites ... take at least WWII ... 50 years after it was lied that the losses in it were 20 million! And it turned out that at least 46! And another 1.2 million died from wounds in the postwar period ... "- wrote the user Victor Bolshoi.

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*terror organization banned in Russian Federation