Strike to Putin's 65th birthsday: ISIS, the Ukrainians and El-Murid «downed» helicopter with Russian general

Strike to Putin's 65th birthsday: ISIS, the Ukrainians and El-Murid «downed» helicopter with Russian general | Русская весна

Otober 6th ISIS media-wing reported that the militants had downed RuAF combat helicopter. According to them the helicopter crashed near Sheikh Hilal in Hama province. 

It’s interesting that the Ukrainian and Russian liberal media topped ISIS* having additionally “killed” leutenant-general Vyaznikov. 

«Putin was presented with general A. Vyaznikov who killed Ukrainian mothers and children» — reads the title of Ukrainian 

Notorious blogger El Murid who mostly writes about criticizing Syrian operation said that Russian general could have died in that helicopter crash so hs words were used by the Ukraininan media as a source. 

«Leutenant-general Vyaznikov could have been in the helicopter which was downed today. Media resources of our moderate terrorists-partners reported that», — he caustically comments the death of his fellow countryman.

«According to a number of sources he could die (not confirmed). here may be other victims — crew and the attendants. The helicopter was fred at after it crashed. All the information is not confirmed yet as our Defense Ministry has already reported that everything was just fine», — he adds.

«According to report from Sukhna our guys are holding the lines there. Looks like there are no more Syrians left at all. All the hot points both in South and North there are Russian service members. And of course there is no victims», — sums up the couch analyst obviously hinting to the opposite.

«Russian Spring» reached general’s colleagues and they assured that Vyaznikov is fine and alive, he is connectable and has absolutely nothing to do with the crash described above.

«Leutenant-general Vyaznikov is not military pilot, he is one of Reconciliation centre commanders so he could not be in a downed combat Mi-28 helicopter», — Russian Spring’s source underlined. 

Please mind that the blogger himself has never been to Syrian Arab republic, he doesn’t speak Arabic. Why does he savors imaginary losses and deeats of the Rssian forces in Syria remains unknown. 

El Murid «burning» Ка-52

Thatsi nteresting hown on the 16 th of May 2016 the «great expert on Middle East» claimed that at Т-4 base «our Ка-52 burnt». He promised toshow photos but of course he failed.

We would like to underline that even Western media reported possible loss of of Мi-24 helicopters due to fire but not the newest Ка-52 “Alligators”.

In 2012 that blogger pushed for evacuating the Russians from Syria blaiming Russian authorities for literally criminal inaction but recently that fail experts claims that Putin had to launch Syrian operation in 2012.


Today we reached Communcation department of Reconciliation centre and got our information confirmed: general Vyaznikov was fine. This was laso confirmed by his family members whom he called from Syria today. 

* Запрещенная в РФ террористическая организация.