Shocking nonsense: US blamed Russia for the new chemical attack in Syria — details

Shocking nonsense: US blamed Russia for the new chemical attack in Syria — details | Русская весна

US representatives surprised the world with an incredibly cynical statement just a couple of hours ago.

Washington claims that Russia is allegedly responsible for the use of military chemical agents in a suburb of the Syrian capital, regardless of who used them.

Earlier, the propaganda resources of the gangs spread information about a possible attack using chlorine in the suburb of Damascus East Ghouta. There were no reliable facts by that moment.

But US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said during a daily briefing for the media that Russia allegedly violated its obligations as a guarantor for the non-use and destruction of chemical weapons in Syria.

"Whoever is responsible for this attack, there is no doubt that Russia is responsible for the victims in East Ghouta," Nauert said.

That is, having no facts about the actual use of chemical weapons and not having real data on victims, except reports from social networks, the representative of Washington broadcasts such a loud accusation to the whole world.

The most interesting thing is that even if the poisonous substances were used by the militants of the "democratic opposition" (gently guarded by the West), then Russia is to blame, according to the state staff.

Previously, the US State Department also claimed that the Russian Federation allegedly uses every opportunity to protect the government of Bashar Assad, who "continues to use chemical weapons."

The Russian Defense Ministry responded that attempts by the United States to accuse the SAR authorities of the use of warfare agents rely solely on rumors from social networks and terrorist testimonies, while they have never been confirmed by real facts.

* terror organization banned in Russia