America's failure in Syria: Pentagon fires all militants in country's South

America's failure in Syria: Pentagon fires all militants in country's South | Русская весна

Around 500 American commandos and instructors are at At-Tanf base now. Terror groups «Quwat Shahid Ahmad Abdo», «Usud Sharqiya», «Liwa Shuhada Al-Quryatain» are being located in the same area now.

Some time before they were part of the so called «New Syrian Army» created by the Americans in 2015. The United States maintained constant level of threat to Damascus from North-East due to connections between «New Syrian Army» and ilegal armed groups of Western Qalamun and East Ghouta.

Besides several thousands of militants supported by America tried hard not to allow  ISIS* reinforcement in Central and Western Syria as that territory was meant to be under «Al-Qaeda»* and «Jabhat an-Nusra»*.

When Syrian Arab Army supported by its allies was fighting ISIS on the banks of Euphrates Pentagon announced that these groups were planned to redislocate to the North of Syria in the area controlled by the Kurdish «Syrian democratic forces» to take part in attacking Deir-az-Zor.

But this never happened. Syrian troops went round At-Tabf and defeated ISIS on Euphrates, so they liberaed Deir-az-Zor by themselves. Аnd then ell-armed and well-paid American militants started to fight not against terrorists but against Syrian army trying to keep control over the roads through Syrian desert. 

As a result they suffered defeat and retreated under cover of American aviation to the so called 55 kilometers deescalation zone in At-Tanf area. The USA claimed they no longer supported these groups thought they allowed them to live among refugees in «Er-Rukban» camp and proteced them with their aviation. 

Answering Russian «RIA Novosti» news agency’s questions Pentagon’s spokesman said that 500 American service members are not enough to control the situation in «Er-Rukban» refugee camp.

At the same time he said that American side was ready to uarrantee security of international humanitarian convoys from the border of 55 km zone to «Er-Rukban» and oversee fair distribution of relief aid cargos among camp residents.

It is obvious that Pentagon spokesman lied because if US don’t control situation in «Er-Rukban» camp then thay cannot provide security for convoys and air distribution of relief aid cargos in the camp.

Seems like the American militart would like to leave that place and the refugees with the militants to the mercy of fate.

Trump’s administration does not see any sense in expenditures on militants and refugees in At-Tanf area. As it was previously reported by «Аl-Muk»* center the support and financing of the miliants in Syria’s South would be ceased even befor the year ends. 

«Аl-Muk» coordination center is situated in Amman (capital of Jordan), it serves as a workplace for special service officers from USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. It is known that the center has been coordinated and supported a number of Syrian terror groups and illegal armed groups of the so called moderate opposition. 

Local sources claim that the Americans axed two thirds of «Jayish Mafawir As-Saura» militants — the only groups which they still fully support. Fired militants setlled down in «Ar-Rukban» camp and its ouskirts, just like he miltants from other groups. 

With due regard to coming winter and severe humanitarian situation in the camp, with no help from the outer world that situation cannot last long. It should be solved. 

Jordanian border is still closed. Jordanian border troops destroy every militant trying to infiltrate from At-Tanf.

At the same time American special services evacuate those whom they may need in future. Americans might want militants in At-Tanf to fight Syrian army, then Western media could tell the world about people being killed in Syria again. 

But this is not an option. It would be more favourable for the Syrians left in «Ar-Rukban» to accept Russia’s proposal and start negotiations with Syrian authorities. Militants could get amnesty and return to their hometowns with their families. 

Some of them through facilitaion of Russia will be able to leave abroad ike it was in ther areas where militants were allowed to evacuate.  

It is important to undersand that only dialogue can save militants in At-Tanf from sure death and the refugees — from hardships. That cannt be delayed. Winter is coming and the Americans are soon to leave At-Tanf.    

Article originally published by «Al-Watan», translated by Hamza Abbas

* terror organizations banned in Russian Federation