America's true role in Syrian conflict — «Russian Spring» review (PHOTOS)

America's true role in Syrian conflict — «Russian Spring» review (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

Despite all the attempts of the world community to find way out of Syrian crisis the war in this Middle Eastern country remains one of the most severe challanges for the whole mankind. 

SAR conflict has splashed out of the region long time ago and its aftershocks in form of teror acts performed by ISIS* fanatics could be heard in Europe and Asia. 

Whole range of international organizations and separate states including Russia are involved in peace-making process, they are trying to find all the possible ways out of the crisis however their efforts cannot bring this war to an end as long as powerful players like the United States and their NATO allies keep covertly support the fighters derailing Syrian reconciliation process and breaking those hard-won agreements.

In fact White House’s administration interference aggravates already critical situation in the region. Given that the American people cannot adequately asses USA’s role in the war because of powerful propaganda mechanisms created by special services and numerous think tanks funded from federal budget.

Without any doubts showdown of all the real amounts and structure of the expenses woud lead to dramatic opinion reverse of the common Amercicans. 

However the Americans’ worldview is being molded by their media which create the picture profitable for US tops. As a result citizens of America are full of "righteos anger”: outgoing president Barack Obama is being criticized for refusal of ground invasion into Syria even after alleged chemical weapon employment by Bashar al-Assad (another example of how American political strategists earn their keep).

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Moreover the American media are trying to prove from time to time that Washignton has nothing to do with the Syrian war at all despite Washignton’s overt interest in "outcome of the battle” i.e. toppling of the president Bashar al-Assad.

It is to underline that the question of chemical weapon employment on the 21st of August 2013 in Damascus suburbs remains open despite all the accusations against Syrian authorities. “Associated Press” journalists managed to collect evidences supporting contrary version.

In their rep presented at MPN they laid all responsibility for chemical weapon employment to Saudi special services. The report contained a lot of interviews with eye-witnesses of those three years old events.

According to this version chemical weapon components were brought to Syria by the Saudis but lack of responsible care (there were neither special transportation facilities nor required skills) led to explosion which took lives of 12 opposition members and numerous civilians. 

Another example of United States’ participation in the Syrian conflict and why it is impossible to hide is «The New York Times» article authors of which claim that head of White House gave instruction to CIA back in 2012 to launch Syrian oppsition support program.

According to the published materials main financial burden had to be born by Saudi Arabia, American traditional ally in that region, CIA officers were responsible for “moderate rebels” training and full-scale provision of anti-governmental activity.

However even such articles which are more like an exeption do not show real scale of American involvment in the conflict. 

And now it seems like the American leaders fail to distinguish facts from fiction losing themselves in verbiage.

American president keeps saying that he would prevent ground invasion but other top officials talk about various military units’ activity in Syria from time to time.

It’s interesting that on the one hand direct participation in combats of the latter is denied on the other hand the Russian military are being constantly accused of endangering American servcemen’s lives in course of bombardments of the terrorists in Northern Syria. 

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Before summer of 2012 main part of weaponry supplies to Syrian “opposition” was outdated (however still efficient) weapons produced by the Warsaw Pact states heaped up at Bulgarian depots (supplied by Bulgaria biggest weaponizer — state corporation «Kintex») and Libya which suffered shift of power in 2011 with foreign policy course shift as well.

But “moderate” rebels’ stockpile lacked anti-tank missile systems and MANPADS so necessary in modern wars. According to the military experts’ opinion White House’s initiative allowed to solve this problem and in the beginning of July the required weapons flooded opposition’s depots, they had been bought in the third countries. 

As expected United Sates’ special services acted as an intermediary, their Saudi and Qatari colleages funded the deal  and provided logistics.

It is to underline that some NATO allies of America followed the same scheme. For example French special services were involved in supplying home-produced asault rifles and anti-tank grenade launchers to Jordan and Turkey.

It's not hard to guess that financial support came from Riyadh and Doha.

England was not an exception: despite London’s aspiration to do everything through intermediaries its support of the Syrian terrorists turned out as a scandal with severe political backwash.

Specific type of involvement of the Western special services (incl. CIA and DIA of the USA) in the Syrian conflict is establishment of direct or indirect contacts with Syrian officials including those who constitute Assad’s narrow circle, and following attempts to over-persuade them.

The “moderate” terrorists and the rebels are being supplied with the latest intelligence data including iformation about dislocation or redislocation of the governmental armed forces.

This activity involves operation and technology units of the special services dislocated in some neighbouring countries and on US Navy ships in Mediterranean as well as orbital constellaion of American spy satellites.

But the most attention of the American authorities (as well as from their allies from the so called coalition) is paid to training of the opposition fighters, their tactical organizing and bringing them directly to combat operation zone.

After the world community learned about «Syrian initiative» the Americans declared against Washington’s participation in the conflict. 

According to public opinion research finished in August 2013 by Reuters journalists and Ipsos global market reserch and consulting firm citizens of the USA are totally against interference in Syrian politics and believe that White House should stay away from the conflict even if information about chemical weapons employment by Damascus would be confirmed.

Only 9 percent of the pollees approved possible US participation in the conflict which obviously could not make Obama’s policy legit. 

It may safely be said that wars in Aganistan and Iraq, their social and economic consequences changed Americans’ mass consciousness radically since «patriotic upsurge» and social mobilization after 9/11. The American commoners do not want their homeland to be "policeman to the world” and get into overseas conflicts.

It’s just POTUS administration which is not quite eager to follow voice of people.

* terror organization prohibited in Russian Federation