«Аpocalypse tomorrow»: US claim there are nuclear, chemical and biological threat from terrorists

«Аpocalypse tomorrow»: US claim there are nuclear, chemical and biological threat from terrorists  | Русская весна

Chemical weapon employment in Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) is becoming one of the main issues that is being exaggerated by the US leadership in its interests amid Syrian settlement talks.

Some time before Washington announced list of the perpetrators responsible for the use of poisonous substances in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic once again, placing Damascus on a par with ISIS  terrorist organizaton.

On Monday the official website of the White House published an updated version of the US National Security Strategy, where one of the paragraphs begins like this: "The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against its citizens undermines international norms."

As known all poisonous substances were removed from the territory of Syria under the supervision of international observers (UN Security Council Resolution 2118 - edit.) in 2013-2014. Nevertheless, that does not prevent Washington from citing questionable arguments that allegedly testify to the violation of international norms by the Syrian authorities. Perhaps the clearest example of that is the investigation by the joint mechanism of the UN and the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) incident in the city of Khan-Sheikhun, which as noted by a number of experts was conducted in the interests of Western political elites.

The "chemistry" issue and the informational background created around it were used by Washington as an excuse to discredite legit Syrian authorities. Nevertheless, there arecertain changes in America’s rhetoric: the name of the real executor of chemical crimes is growing louder.

Returning to the new US national security strategy: one of the document’s pages contains the following information: "ISIS used chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq. Terrorist groups continue to search for materials related to weapons of mass destruction ".

The document emphasizes that there is a risk of extreme threats when terrorists receive "nuclear, radioactive or biological materials wgich are not properly protected."

It is prominent that the published document, in fact, is the second official confirmation of Washington of the presence and use of chemical weapons by radical groups. Two months earlier Department of State recommended that citizens refrain from visiting Syrian Arab Republic especially Idlib province. Tactics of ISIS, Tahrir al-Sham (Jabhat-an-Nusra) and other extremist groups include using suicide bombers, kidnapping, using of small and heavy weapons, improvised explosive devices and chemical weapons, in the message.

Anyway the question is brewing: "Why the Capitol recognizes the obvious?". The answer to it can have a number of explanations.

First od all Syrian Arab Army has regularly found tanks with chemical substances on the territorry liberated from Islamists in the last few months. A striking example was when governmental forces found of barrels of poisonous "chemistry" looking like old gas cylinders previously used in the UK for equipping with a mixture of chlorine and phosgene.

Besides according to intelligence data there are at least ten cellars with chemicals in Idlib province whch controlled by "Jabhat an-Nusra" * militants, .

Then  ISIS defeat bySyrian Arab Army shows that it is becoming more profitable to tell the truth now. The remaining small ISIS groups in Syria are no longer intereting for the "guarantor" of world security. There comes a time when you need to distance yourself from the radical participant as far as possible.

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

* terror organizaton banned in Russian Federation.