Bloody nightmare for «Al-Qaeda»: Russian Air Force and «Tigers» destroyed over 1000 jihadists in Hama (VIDEO, PHOTO 18+)

Bloody nightmare for «Al-Qaeda»: Russian Air Force and «Tigers» destroyed over 1000 jihadists in Hama (VIDEO, PHOTO 18+) | Русская весна

Jihadists' attempt to counterattack governmental forces in Hama turned out to be a bloody nightmare for them.

In the evening of April 25th units of the so called «moderate opposition» along with «Tahrir ash-Sham» terrorists («Jabhat an-Nusra»*/«Al-Qaeda»*) and «Turkestan Islamic Party» tried to force the governmental forces out of the previously liberated Massasna and Zalaykiyata.

Jihadists announced the recapture of these villages in social media in the night but the norning showed that they were too hasty to boast. 

The next day in the early morning it was reported that jihadists’ attack had been repelled and those villages were still controlled by the loyalists. According to Syrian Defense Ministry the jihadists’ losses amounted to more than one hundren killed and around 220 wounded.

The militants lost nine vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, one tank, four infantry fighting vehicles. One armoured vehicle reequipped as jihadi-vehicle stuffed with explosives was destroyed by precision fire of Syrian anti-tank guided weapon unit. This resulted in killing no more than 20 militants (see video). But that was not the end to jihadists’ nightmare. 

Turkoman suicide bomber blown up in jihadi vehicle

In the evening of April 26th Syrian Arab army in the North of Hama province launched an offensive. Supported by Russian Air Forces and Syrian Air Forces governmental troops liberated Zor-Mahruka and Bayda villages from terrorists. These villages are located to the North of Halfaya so the governmental forces came close by the Southern outskirts of Al-Latamna.

Russian and Syrian AF hit deeply in the defensive positions of the terrorists — in the disrict of Al-Latamna, Kafer-Zeyta and Murek.

Su-25 hits militants in Hama, 27.04.2017

As reported to «Russian Spring» by a military source jihadists’ losses estimated to 517 killed, around 300 wounded overnight to April 27th. They also lost 29 units of military hardware (three tanks among them).

Nearly 50 jihadists’ field commanders killed

Over these days the following field commanders were killed: Abu Aysha al-Ansari (Tunisia), Abdul Rahman Abu Rabi (Saudi Arabia), Abu Karar al-Nazrani (Saudi Arabia, «Тahrir ash-Sham»), Abu Ayub al-Turkestani, Rival Abu Katada Taha, Husseyn al-Matar, Abdul Jalili Bulyal, Mistafa Saleh.

It has also transpired that one of the notorious leaders of «Jayish al-Izza» Juma al-Khaled (Juma the Immortal) and Ahmad al Rammama Abu Ibrahim were killed. The terrorists lost over 50 field commanders over the last two weeks.

Part of the gangs assume losses daily posting correspoding information in their soial media. Here are just several of the terrorists’ commanders destroyed over the last few days.

 Destroyed commanders of illegal armed groups «Jayish al-Izza», «Corps of Shama» and «Аl-Naser army»

Part of the gangs refuse to fight

There is one interesting feature which favoured governmental forces’ victory along with Syrian and Russian pilots’ skills. According to information from social media a number of jihadi gangs refused to obey the command and fight. This reportedly happened just before terrorists’ offensive near Bayda in Hama province.

They explained the refusal with lack of medicine, ammunition and stupidity of their commanders who were balimed for great losses among the «mujahideens» and recurring defeats. 

Another important contribution to the loyalists’ victory was the reconaissance data provided by moles from various gangs. Especially important data was received from sources in «Jayish al-Izza» and «Ahrar ash-Sham». 

Aside from great losses among the jihadistst loyalists’ sucessful actions resulted in liberation of the territories occupied by the terrorists in the beginning of the year. Besides the militants have completely lost the initiative and ability to take any actions in the North of Hama province. Really huge losses may make the rest of them think twice before taking any action and rething the amnesty option which is opened throughout the country. Another option could be a dialogue with the authorities having refused to participate in war paid from abroad. 

Militants’ destroyed hardware in Hama

* terrorist orgamizations banned in Russian Federation