Death from the sky: «Al-Qaeda» militant filmed his unit destroyed by Russian war plane (VIDEO)

Death from the sky: «Al-Qaeda» militant filmed his unit destroyed by Russian war plane (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Russian Air Forces continue to chase Islamist insurgents who invaded Syrian province of Hama.

Amateur video recently filmed by one of the «Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham» (illegal armed islamist group managed by «Jabhat an-Nusra»* (Syrian branch of «Al-Qaeda»*) militants shows Russian war plane hitting precide airstrikes in Hama province. Fighter jet attacked one group two times over less than one minute.

The footage shows wounded jihadist who was immobolised after the first Russian airstrikes, dust after the blast is settling down.

Moments later a group of militants lying not far from there got also hit by an airstrike. Judging from the footage the terrorist who was fliming everything with GoPro-like  action camera dies. After the second blast the terrorists start screaming from pain, then sound stop, “operatror’s” head starts twitching chaotically, he tosses about but cannot stand up, his camera finally freezes on the grass. 

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There are more than 6000 militants concentrated in Hama farmlands. They belong to various jihadist groups and they managed to capture 10 villages and towns last week previously controlled by governmental forces. 

The islamists did their best to keep control over those occupied territories but Syrian Army supported by the Russian Air Forces managed to regain control over a number of settlments далось. To organize succuessful defense and launch counteroffensive in the North of Hama assault brigade «Тiger» under command of general Suheil Al-Hasan was redeployed there. 


Due to some readers’ doubts we enclose timeline of the events on the video.

Illegal armed group got under fire. Not less than 6 militants and jihadi vehicle got into the shot. First they show badly wounded bandit and dust settling down after the blast. At 0:12 car horns and engines’ sound can be heard, at 0:14 another militant runs шт fron of the camera, pickup can be seen at 0:24, it seems that it is the aim of the last airstrike. At 1:04 two more terrorists could be seen. At 1:11 operator falls down and camera goes still. 

* terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation