Longsuffering Syria: on humanitarian convoys, refugees and militants

Longsuffering Syria: on humanitarian convoys, refugees and militants | Русская весна

In the last three months no less than 65 UN and other international organizations' convoys entered the territory in the South of Syria from Jordan using UN mandate. Those territories are being controlled by the opposition groups and «Jabhat An-Nusra». This mandate does not imply informing other parties about the content of deliveries, therefore content of hundreds of trucks traveling around areas captured by militants in Daraa and El Quneitra provinces is a mistery to independent observers, WarandPeace.ru reports

It is characteristic that passage of convoys and distribution of cargo are not covered by media, in contrast to cases when deliveries are made to areas called «blocked» by West supporters, for example East Ghouta or Northern Homs.

Food, warm clothes, medicines and a lot of construction materials are rumoured to be brought to fighters and oppositionists in those trucks.

This is happening in the midst of regular social media informational waves telling about the plight tens of thousands of refugees live in within the territories controlled by illegal armed groups in southern Syria. People live in tents in winter which is snowy and cold there; people are scarce of food, they lack medicine and money.

Seems that those poor people have to be the first to receive humaniatiran aid from UN-authorized organizations. But dozens of convoys that pass Jordanian Ar-Ramta seem to vanish in thin air: there are the same refugees' laments and tear-aqueezing photos in social networks. There isn't any word about humanitarian convoys, people live in the tents as they have lived before. 

Where is the food, blankets, construction materials and medicines? Where are those hundreds and thousands tons of relief aid silently delivered almost weekly? 

What do they construct there in the Syrian southern territories held by thousands of «Free Syrian Army» and «Jabhat an-Nusra» militants? Who are warmed, fed and treated at the expense of internaional humanitarian structures? Why does every convoy passage to militants' controlled territories is accompanied by messages about another fight between local armed groups? Do they share something? 

Well, squabbling for crumps is for local groups or rather gangs. Major formations do not do such nonsense because, funny enough, they do not lack anything. Well... not everyone may be satisfied with salary but there isn't much choice of professions on the territories «liberated from regime».

A lot of militants are gathered in the so called footholds: near Jabbata Al-Hashab not far from occupied by Israel Golan Heights in the Norh of El-Quneitra, near Al-Hamidiya village at Syrian town of Al-Baath in the South of the same province, near small town of Tafas in Daraa province where one can (if required) try to cut the road leading to province's capital…

Fortifications, bunkers and walls are being constructed there, roads are being repaired. Hundreds if not thousands of militants always find something to eat, where to sleep warm, what to put on and something to take as a medicine if needed. 

It is worth to remark that the same situation is observed in the North where orgnanizations possessing humanitarian supplies mandate ship in plenty of cargoes from Turkey, what do those cargoes contain nobody knows. Refugees' conditions in northern camps do not visibly change as well. 

It is obvious that as long as mandate practice remains unchaged and there is no objective control over «humanitarian» cargoes refugees will languish in tents without any rights to leave them so that somebody always has a cause to ask for more «relief aid».

And the militants will be supplied by some «unknown routes».