America's strike on Syrian airbase: exact damage numbers. «Russian Spring» exclusive (VIDEO)

America's strike on Syrian airbase: exact damage numbers. «Russian Spring» exclusive (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The Morning of April 7, 2017 was marked by an act of aggression by the US towards the sovereign state of Syria.

With the quality no worse than in the best Hollywood war movies the world's media showed US ships’ cruise missiles launching to the Syrian military airfield Shayrat.

The goal of the attack was the destruction of the military equipment of the Syrian Army. In this case, after the first strikes, the American media began to brag to the whole world with the power of American weapons. However, the data of objective control from the Russian side, suggest that the Western media news publications, to put it mildly, greatly exaggerate the success of this bombing.

To begin with the Shayrat airfield has been used by SAA for about six months as a «sump» for decommissioned military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Syrian Arab Republic. So according to the Syrian military, as a result of the US missile strike, six (6) MIG-23 aircraft that were under repair and one AN-26, were destroyed, which, according to the technical staff of the base, have already been dismantled and had no power unit. In addition to Soviet-made equipment, several foreign small-tonnage transport aircrafts were destroyed as a result of the attack. Also according to airmen present at airfield, two tankers, several trucks, cars and tractors were destroyed.

According to experts, the total damage inflicted by the missile strike constitutes no more than 3–5 million dollars. At the same time, using simple mathematics, it becomes clear that the US Army spent about $ 90 million to recycle old Syrian equipment. According to objective control data, only one in four out of 59 missiles has reached the target. From 23 to 26 missiles hit the area of the Shayrat airfield. It is unlikely that these results will please American taxpayers.

Despite beautiful picture in the media, the result of this attack, from a military point of view, is questionable. From the economic point of view, regarding the cost and damages ratio, the American side has totally failed.

Despite the uselessness of the US attack, from the point of view of damage to the Syrian Army, their attack was still good for some people. ISIS* terrorists immediately took advantage of this attack, right after the bombing, went on the offensive against government troops in the province of Homs. This fact, as well as the incident in September, 2016, in Deir-ez-Zor (the coalition air forces struck at the SAR air forces, which lead the ISIL offensive began on the city), says that the US is not just not fighting terrorists in Syria, but support combat operations against the SAR Armed Forces.

* terrorist organnization banned in Russian Federation