Chemical attacks season in Syria: European media whip up hysteria, USA threaten Damascus (PHOTO)

Chemical attacks season in Syria: European media whip up hysteria, USA threaten Damascus (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Chemical attack in the media space

February began with another "chemical attack" of government troops on the settlement of the Duma in East Ghouta - a militia controlled suburb of Damascus. But this time all sensible people have no doubt that this attack was actually carried out only in the media space. Moreover, all the props and actors participating in the production clearly moved from the clips and photos about the fake chemical attack, allegedly occurred on January 22, also in East Ghouta.

The evidence base, happily picked up by the well-known Western media, in particular photos of the injured people, coincides one to one with the photos of the previous episode, "occurred" on January 22. It seems that the time of application is different, and the faces of the victims are all the same.

In addition, anyone who is familiar with the effects of chlorine on the body, studying photographs published by editions, THE TELEGRAPH (, PULSE (, NYDAILYNEWS (, may to make an unambiguous conclusion that there are no signs of poisoning with poisonous substances. The "affected" have no swelling around the eyes, lacrimation and other obvious signs of mucosal lesions.

Placed on the Facebook-account associated with the so-called opposition, NothernStork looks cheap and does not pretend to be an Oscar. The protagonist of the "exposure" does not use elementary means of defense, the shell of the projectile, incidentally, is similar to that presented on January 22, keeps unprotected hands, there are no obvious signs of chlorine exposure to the human body. As the great Russian director Stanislavsky said: "... I do not believe !!!".

So what really happens. At present, the UN Security Council at the expert level is discussing the Russian draft resolution on the establishment of a new structure to investigate chemical attacks in Syria.

Moscow on January 23 presented a draft resolution on the establishment of an independent UN mechanism to investigate chemical attacks in Syria. The proposed commission is intended to replace the Joint UN and OPCW Mechanism for Investigating Chemical Attacks in Syria, which ceased to exist in November last year. At the same time, Washington immediately rejected the new Russian initiative, although several members of the Security Council, including Bolivia, Kazakhstan, and China, fully supported the initiative of the Russian side.

Who benefits from this chemical attack? Having lost its influence on the situation in Syria, failing attempts to legalize its presence, the US is trying to untwist the flywheel of the new information war, this time using fictional chemical attacks.

According to senior US administration officials, President Donald Trump does not exclude military action to stop the use of chemical weapons by the government of Syria. Here are just a few quotes from the statements of US officials: "... We are convinced that if the international community does not take any action now - we will see the use of chemical weapons not only by Syria, but also by non-state actors"; "The use of military force against Syria is still being considered." "The Syrian government is testing new chemical weapons, and the US administration is concerned about this fact."

And a masterpiece quote: "Syrian chemical weapons will be spread to the US coast if we can not stop it." How can official Damascus, wallowed in internal problems, threaten the US coast?

Every action has its causes and consequences. After a short analysis, it is possible to say with certainty who is behind this and what they all want to achieve ...

The photo belows was published by France Press on 23 of January and by The Telegraph on 1 of February.

Chemical attacks season in Syria: European media whip up hysteria, USA threaten Damascus (PHOTO) | Русская весна