«Spetznaz from USSR» in Syria: much ado about «Turan»

«Spetznaz from USSR» in Syria: much ado about «Turan» | Русская весна

Russian edition "Argumenty Nedeli" published an article in response to the "exposure" of the well-known pro-Western propagandist Ruslan Leviev about the special forces "Turan", which in January stirred up all liberal media. Recall that in the grief-investigation many times mentioned "Russian Spring", as the primary source of news about the "Special Forces from the USSR."

The recent attack by Russian military bases in Khmeimim and Tartus by 13 drones of Islamic militants showed that the war in Syria is not over.

The fanfares of the victory sound early. The struggle continues on the information front.

Under the guise of objective investigations into the Syrian events on the Internet, lies, slander, and fakes are increasingly appearing. Unfortunately, they are sometimes even reprinted without authoritative sources of information. One of such pseudo-investigations mentions our newspaper and its observer Alexander Kondrashov.

Social media hyens 

On the eve of the Old New Year my home phone rang. On it in our family talk very rarely. Everyone has cell phones. Really something urgent ?!

- I saw, what storm broke out on the Internet about the Muslim special forces "Turan"? - on the wire was a longtime acquaintance, an observer of the Academy of Sciences, a retired colonel Artem Borisovich Novikov. "There we are, too."

"Do not take it personally," I tried to reassure the veteran. - The Internet is sometimes the worst information garbage. There sometimes the most dirty counts are reduced. Here and this time, someone Ruslan Leviev in voluminous material tries to prove that all the publications about the Muslim special forces "Turan", fighting in Syria against Islamic militants, just a hoax of one journalist - Oleg Blokhin.

"Most of all, I was outraged that it says that we are, we do not exist in this world," the Colonel continued to boil. "Here is an excerpt from this pseudo-investigation:
"Alexander Kondrashov is just a pseudonym of Oleg Blokhin in the publication" Arguments of the Week ". No Alexander Kondrashov in the numerous groups of the publication "Arguments of the Week" in social networks, we could not find. At the same time, in the same groups we found a number of profiles belonging to the real employees of the publication. "

In response, I first laughed, then referred to the classic:

- Earlier Mark Twain spoke about "pen sharks" and "hyenas of rotary machines". Now it's time to write about the "hyenas of social networks". Ruslan Leviev and his team, apparently, from among them. They feed on carrion from the Internet ... And I'm proud that I gave more than forty years to military journalism. For a long time he worked in the "Arguments and Facts", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", now almost every week I am published in the "AN". Could it really be difficult for the "investigators" to go not to social networks, but to the website of our newspaper and see my publications?

"I know that you do not like to boast of awards," Novikov said. "But I saw on your desk a diploma of the Union of Journalists of Moscow" for journalistic courage displayed in hot spots, uncompromising and honest in publications. " A little over a year ago we washed the honorable sign "For services to the professional community", which was handed to you by the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

"I appreciate professional awards no less than state ones," the AN observer admitted. "But, as the poet wrote," we shall be regarded as glory. " You have orders and medals much more. Wars and hot spots, too.

- The first was Afghanistan - almost immediately after the military school, - hit Novikov's memories. - The last, extreme business trip before the demobilization - Syria in 2015. Now, after all, the colonels were allowed to serve up to 60 years and more.

Karpuk made a fart

The telephone conversation dragged on. But the veteran could not calm down.

"It's easy to get information, as Leviev does," Artem Borisovich resented. - My guys have found that he takes everything from the computer. He does not go to any hot spots, but sits in the so-called "bunker" on the 17th floor of a rented two-room apartment in the south-west of Moscow under the banner "Divan troops of Ukraine".

- What does he have to do with official Kiev?

- None. All bluff and shock, "the Colonel replied quickly. - Ruslan is a citizen of Russia, he seems to come from Surgut. He only has the real Ukrainian surname - Karpuk. Since childhood, the nickname Puk has become attached to him. Therefore, in Moscow took a pseudonym - Leviev.

"It's amazing how this childish babble, based on studying a couple of photos on the Internet, took 27 publications for serious investigation," the AN columnist could not hide his astonishment. - They in one form or another reprinted this nonsense.

"And they did it as if they were from a certain center," Colonel Novikov supported the journalist. "But Karpuk's office was used to being bullied before."

Artem Borisovich described several such cases. The most scandalous fake, or simply, a bunch, which Karpuk-Leviev published, is a story with a marine, Yuri Artamonov. His "investigator" sent to fight in Syria. And he did not leave his native Sevastopol and was not in the war. In pursuit of a sensation of a sensation, Karpuk-Leviev's team cracked the page of the Marine's wife in social networks and on her behalf sent out messages that her husband had left to fight in Syria. However, fraud was quickly revealed.

A lot of laughter in the Russian General Staff caused a story with topographic maps. It's no wonder that Ruslan started another "investigation" to teach experienced cartographers how to correctly name the Syrian cities on military maps. "Cowboy" even in his favorite social networks was deceived by a deuce for knowledge of military topography.

More: As a "civil activist" Ruslan Karapuk, nicknamed "Leviev", the incompetence of the General Staff exposed

"Young" Ruslan was not only "disgraced" by the Russian General Staff, but even by the American CIA. He always states that even a month before the start of the operation in Syria he published data on the transfer of Russian troops to this country.

"Why was not he put in prison for divulging military secrets?" - the observer of the Academy of Sciences could not hide his surprise with this story. - Where did the FSB look? After all, for the help of terrorists a severe punishment is supposed.

"I think the FSB uses this" sofa spy "as a" useful idiot, "the colonel said. - After all, through it, you can drive any disinformation, which is then reprinted by our liberal media. And let the western newspapers spend currency on fakes and bunches of carp. We do not feel sorry for other people's money.

Personal attack instead of Syrian sensation

The "AN" columnist also expressed his own assumption:

- For this nonsense, Ruslan is probably well paid. After all, renting a "kopeck piece" in a prestigious district of Moscow, paying five assistants is worth considerable money. Where does Kaakapukrpuk-Leviev get them? Is it not from Kiev?

- "The Ukrainian Couch Forces" themselves are poor, - Artem Borisovich did not agree with the journalist. - Sponsors of "chernukha" on our troops in Syria should be sought overseas. I heard that the prices for "investigations" of CIT have grown almost 100 times. That's driving hack-work, until the shop is not covered.

- Indeed, how can you give a purely personal attack on the front-line correspondent Oleg Blokhin for the "Syrian sensation"? - the observer of "AN" could not hide his surprise. - What does Karpuk-Leviev try to prove? What Muslims do not fight against Islamic militants in Syria?

Novikov chuckled in a cordless phone:

- This is the secret of the Polishinel. The other day, President Putin himself told about the feat of our officer, who is from Dagestan. When his unit was surrounded by Islamists, our aviation came to the rescue. Combat aircraft and helicopters made an accurate fire for the surrounded military police. The commander-Muslim to mark his forces raised a Russian flag over his head. With the aid of the spetsnaz troops, the unit managed to escape from the ring without losses.

Colonel Novikov sat down on his beloved skate and began to extol the actions of our Special Operations Forces (MTR) in Syria. I had to kill him:

- Artem Borisovich, I know that you are a fan of our special forces. So in our two previous conversations you give him the same marks - the highest. In such a coincidence of opinions, even Ruslan Karpuk-Leviev reproaches you.

- This young "investigator" has learned at one point to change his beliefs. Previously, he was known as a patriot playing in Zarnitsu, now he became the "commander of the Ukrainian courage", a liberal pacifist. And I do not know how to change shoes on the go. For rubles and dollars of their opinions do not change. Therefore, now I can repeat my assessment of our spetsnaz word for word. It's not for nothing that the former commando, later the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, called him the best in the world.

- Can it serve foreign citizens, for example, Muslims from Central Asia? - I asked a long time tormented me a question.

"Only our personnel officers can give an accurate answer," Colonel Novikov tried to get away from the inconvenient question. - But in 2015 the president

Russia issued a decree authorizing the employment under the contract of immigrants from the CIS countries. This document specifies a number of benefits for such volunteers. Of these, the most important thing is the accelerated receipt of Russian citizenship. So in the Muslim special forces "Turan" there are certainly such contractors.

- You would not like to talk to Ruslan in a man's way, to paternal teach a guy? - At the end of the conversation, I asked Artem Borisovich.

He heaved a deep sigh in the receiver:

- I saw his photos. A man's conversation with this will not work. And I do not want to sue him, so as not to make too much publicity for the provocateur. As they say in Russia, do not touch g ... so that it does not stink.

«АN» reference

Karpuk-Leviev heads an organization called Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT). This is a group of allegedly independent investigators, who collects information about the fighting in Syria and the Donbas in social networks. It gathered in May 2014 and consists of six people. She lives mainly on the fees and grants of foreign publications and organizations.

Aleksandr Коndrashov, «Аргументы Недели»