US military made fools of themselves once again by blaming Russia and Syria (PHOTO)

US military made fools of themselves once again by blaming Russia and Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна

American military made fools of themselves trying to blame Russia and Syria. 

Everyone knows that American authorities do not possess any essential knowledge. It is not about some sciences but simple school subjects which often perplex members of «the greatest nation».

Army Maj. Gen. James B. Jarrard, commander of Special Operations Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolveconfirmed that fact by claiming that thousand of Syrians flee from Deir az-Zor to Mayadeen from governmental forces. According to Jarrard people flee not to the Soth poplated by Arabs but to the North — to the territories controlled by «Syrian democratic forces». 

That would be fine if not the slightest hitches in his words. For example Mayadeen where people “flee” is situated in the South, not the North. Every map shows that. Raqqa is situated in the North. The city has been liberated byUS-led coalition recently but t isn’t suitable for living. 

Photo: Raqqa destroyed by airstrikes, October 2017

Even in the «liberated» city the survived local residents are not that happy. As reported before, pro-American militants shot peaceful protest – the Syrians went out to the streets to oppose violence towards civilians and women’s rights violation. It turns out that «liberators» from «Syrian democratic forces» humiliate and rape local women.

Protest participants wounded by pro-American thugs, Raqqa, October 27, 2017

At the same time Mayadeen just like Deir az-Zor is suitable for living now only due to Syrian governmental forces and Russan Air Forces. They liberated those cities and mopped up the terrorists there.

If we listen to American general it turns out that Syrians flee from Deir az-Zor from Syrian army to Mayadeen controlled by Syrian army.

Is it possible that people tired from war could return to their homes? Accordin to American side that would be too simple and uninteresting and the main thing — it wouldn’t gobe a reason to blames «Assad the Tyran».

Well poor geography and lack of political culture are notorious among American establishment. Australia instead of Austria, Iran instead of Iraq, heroic attempts to protect democratic future of unexisting Limpopo country — list of absurdities voiced by officals from the country claimimg to be world’s hegemon can be continued. 

May be such missteps could just raise an outside watcher’s brow or make him smile but there’ a “but”: Washington’s stupidity turns out to be a grief for millions of people of different natioalities and confessions. 

Dmitriy Suvorin, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

Photo below: Syrians in Deir az-Zor distrct liberated from terrorists, photo by Russian Spring

US military made fools of themselves once again by blaming Russia and Syria (PHOTO) | Русская весна