State Department warns of possible chemical attack in Donbass: care or false flag?

State Department warns of possible chemical attack in Donbass: care or false flag? | Русская весна

A new round of violence in Ukraine could lead to a chlorine gas disaster in that country, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s team warned Tuesday.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert accused «Russian-led forces” of targeting water treatment facilities, with several near-misses of chlorine gas tanks at the plants..  

“We call on the Russian-led forces to implement a genuine cease-fire, and, especially, to cease shelling around the filtration plant and to withdraw heavy weapons to the agreed-upon lines,” Nauert told reporters Tuesday.

Chlorine gas has been used to attack civilians in Syria, where the Russian-backed President Bashar Assad has been fighting to maintain power in the face of moderate and jihadist rebels for years,- observes American Washington Examiner

That is the subtle way of Washington Examiner’sjournalists to lead the reader to certain analogy which is not voiced in the article but the reader is to derive it by himself: there were «horrendous chemical attacks in Syria targeted at civilian population» in Syria.

And here we go again: Donbass, those «Russian-led forces» and chlorine again.

And then fatherlike Department of State just next to you, warning of danger.

According to Nauert, artillery shells have fallen as close as 50 meters from the chlorine gas storage tanks at two water plants.

«A hit on the tanks would cause a major catastrophe, gassing people at the plant — possibly even those in nearby towns, as well as disrupting the supply of clean drinking water in the area», — she said. 

Nauert has voiced the thing West is ussually being silent about: shellings of Donbass. Well anyway she said nothing about victims and samages caused by the «new round of escalation» on November 5th.

Heather Nauert during the breefing

She was talking about recent attack on Donetsk water filtering plant.

Chlorine pipe was damaged then, this was reported by spokesmen of «Voda Donbassa» (Water of Donbass) company.

«Shell fragments have damaged reserve chlorine pipe, there is huge danger of damaging the main one. Results of a possible liquid chlorine leak would be disastrous», — said «Voda Donbassa» press-service message.

Department of State has not only shifted reponsibility for attack on the important infrastructure object from Ukrainian Armed Forces to DPR Army. It has also"warm-heartedly” warned of a possible chemical catastrophe  which coud be informational preparation to a false flag attack judging fron the recent experience.  

Then again: last time when Trump met Chinese leader Pentagon performed rocket airstrike on Syrian Shayrat airbase. This was supposedly retaliation for “chemical attacks commited by Assad’s regime” and a way to prevent the new ones. Then Trump told Xi about the strike during dinner between the courses.  

Now Trump meets Chinese leader again. And again Department of State says of a possible chemical catastrophe. Is it a coincidence or Trump attemping to impress Xi with an exhibition performance?

One should keep in mind that State Dep didn’t notice numerous shellings of the much-suffering Donetsk water filtering plant before. These were not incuded into breefing text in any case. Source and directin of tose shellings are easy to identify and prove. But Tillerson’s guys are not bothered with facts and reliability. Especially when something really horrible may be on its way.