Putin hides behind barricades and tank traps: revealing Western lies (PHOTOS)

Putin hides behind barricades and tank traps: revealing Western lies (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

Yesterday’s proptest of the so called opposition  in Moscow which Alexey Navalny tried to mix with celebration in dowmtown to make it look massive was quite predictably used as a news hook by Western media.

The Financial Times editor Neil Buckley twitted a photo of yesterday reconstruction historical game on Tverskaya street claiming that Russian authorities use tank traps to stop protesters.  

Really? Do you believe that journalist specialsing on Eastern Europe does not quite cathces what was going on yesterday in Moscow? Is it possible he doesn’t know what historic reconstruction is? 

We hardly believe that: in the USA there are regular reconstruction activities dedicated to Civil war, some of them are huge and they are a traditional part of commemorative events.
But we’d rather show you one part of the big picture, add certain text and here you are – dinner is served for the Western audience. 

Why do they need that blatant lies if anyone can rub you nose in that dirt in the comments? We did that actually. Mr. Buckle rushed to delete his tweet. 

To make our position clear: all the anti-Russian propaganda is a long-played game and its final aim is toppling Russian auhorities and breakdown and partition of Russia, destroying its statehood.  

The West has alreday understood that Middle Eastern scenario isn’t possible in Russia but they still create dictator’s image for Vladimir Putin. They are also creating Russia’s image as a totalitarian state with massive punitive machine.   

All this web is being weaved so that a Gaddafi-style photo wouldn’t be ashock for international community. 

The same message is sent by Neil MacFarquhar, The New York Times Moscow-based correpondent. 

Some time later he tweets an explanation: «Sandbags turned out to be a part of reconstruction game».

European Russophobes did not stay aside, they overtly call for violent upheaval in Russia. 


Information war does not stop and it's waged against us and our state.