Mariupol and Odessa minded to leave Ukraine - Ukrainian expert

Mariupol and Odessa minded to leave Ukraine - Ukrainian expert | Русская весна

By now Mariupol is "mentally ready" to come out with the tricolor in order to join the DPR, military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes, commenting on Alexander Zakharchenko's words about joining Dnipropetrovsk.

"As I understand, Mariupol is practically ready, mentally ready. Pay attention to the package of television that Mariupol is watching. If a command is given, people will take to the streets with tricolors. Likewise at the metallurgical plant in Mariupol, at the port and the rest," he said.

Zhdanov said that "they have already established a municipal police - in fact this is a private military company that will receive weapons at the right time."

In Mariupol, only the "regiment of patriots" will fight for Ukraine. Zhdanov, forgetting, obviously, about the daily bombardments of Donetsk and the bloody massacre in Mariupol on May 9, 2014, argues that "the military way is the last option, because no one will enter the troops and start shooting there in a city of half a million."

In his opinion, with which flags the citizens take to the streets with will decide the fate of the city.

"Everything will depend on the leadership of the country, because this is a matter of political agreements. There may be a Crimea scenario: an order will be issued to not open fire, organize a humanitarian corridor to enter the controlled territory. Or maybe, if there is political will, the National Guard will enter the city, and then no one will ever come out with tricolors - everyone will stay at home and the situation will be under control," Zhdanov replied.

Speaking of Odessa, the expert noted: "There are not so much in a pro-Ukrainian mood, as a freethinking one. They will gladly come out if Odessa hangs a carrot in the form of a free economic zone."

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