«Putin won't stop, ask Churkin» — leading Western media's reaction to St. Petersburg terror attack (VIDEO)

«Putin won't stop, ask Churkin» — leading Western media's reaction to St. Petersburg terror attack (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Western propaganda tools didn’t need much time to announce Vladimir Putin the guilty for terror attack in St. Petersburg’s underground.

British ВВС was the first to speak: in its text online there was a tweet by Dmitriy Gudkov* «After blasts in St. Pete’s undergroud authorities’ reaction to any mass meeting will be predetermined. I guess this expands over the other fields as well».

Here we see «high» journalistic standards of ВВС: text onlines in such cases are no more than narrative of the events under constantly changing circumstances. Text online is fact journalism not opinion journalism. Opinion journalism usually starts later when the dust is down and the experts of every kind speak on the matter.

Just think of December 2015 terror attack in France: «Bataclan» theatre and Stad-de-France were attacked, Paris was paralised, all the leading editions held text onlines — The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, ВВС. There was no opinions, there were no remarks like «Hollande is useless» or «Hollande will do whatever it takes to hold the power».

There were no comments on French security officals’ performance despite it was a complete failure — we all remember Freance policemen’s epic attempt to climb some tiny hill.

There were no comments like these in the text online because it was pure fact journalism, but of course those standards and rules do not apply on Russia.

Because it is just the perfect timing to inject your opinion to people’s minds when they are scared, startled and shocked. 

ВВС shows footage from the blasts area and accompanies it with a nice chat between moderator and invited expert Louise Mensch**. She immediately ties the terror attack with meeting of the so called opposition on March 26th. The moderator refers the meeting as «a number of demonstrations over the last few (!) weeks».

It seems unlikely that the journalist working for one of the biggest news agencies of the world doesn’t know that the only one massive meeting in Russia was on March 26th. April 2nd even one thousand protesters did not gather and Moscow was the only one city where they gathered. In BBC’s interpretation it sounds like «civil unrest which lasts for some time already».

Miss Mensch as an expert starts citing some «liberal media» which have already announced the terror attack could by an attempt of the authorities to deflect attention away from anti-corruption protests. She names neither media nor author. No, really who needs that? 

How cinical and insulting is that for the biggest state-owned British media holding to assume that tragedy could be useful for Russian authorities without any investigations and proofs?

If such admission was voiced on RT after London blast we can easily imagine what tsunami would start in Western press. 

John Schindler, The Observer columnist, national security and terrorism expert and former NSA officer tweets soon after the tragedy:

Miss Mensch responds promptly: «Putin has zero compunction about killing Russians to serve his own ends. Ask Vitaly Churkin».

Kevin Rothrock, former editor of Meduza’s English edition, Moscow Times web-edition’s editor-in-chief answers Louise: «Louise Mensch has zero compunction about tweeting the dumbest shit you’ve ever read in your life». Even Rothrock the well-known russophobe is astonished by complete absence of journalistic standards and overt bias of expert’s words.

Miss Mensch remains laconic: «Fuck off, Vlad», hinting that Rothrock is Putin’s agent and Kremlin’s arm tweets instead of him.

«The woman is unhinged», — Rothrock replies.

СJ Werleman, The Middle East Eye observer also tweets: «It wouldn’t be beyond Putin to carry out the St Petersburg terrorist attack. Declining popularity, rising opposition. And he’s a thug!».

Don’t think these are just some tweets by some people. They may be not well-known in Russia but they are opinion-leaders in the Western media. Werleman is followed by 42 thousand people in Twitter and BBC’s audience is just huge.

BBC’s total audience amounts to more than 150 million people. As of 1999 BBC Russian weekly audience was 6 million people.

Last time we saw flash-like “investigation” like this was July 2014 — МН-17 crash over Donbass. The next day every mainstream Western media were bright with covers and titles like «Putin is a murderer».

The Sun published the article titled «Russian blasts. Where were the St Petersburg metro explosions, why was Putin in the Russian city and was it a terrorist attack?»

But really what made president of Russia visit one of the Russian cities?

The Telegraph publishes Rolland Oliphant’s article titled «Putin pays price for foreign policy back home». The author mentions 2013 terror attack in Volgograd and North Caucasus.

CNN chimes in: terrorism theorist, international relations professor Max Abrahams tweets «CNN is saying the attack in Russia is retaliation for Syria. Of course, many other countries not involved in Syria have also been attacked».

That is definitely is a voice of a common sense but Western propaganda trumpets like BBC ride the same old horse blaming Putin for everything. Even though degradation of the Western journalism is not a surprise the reaction to St Petersburg’s tragedy speaks for itself : they are ready to use any tragedy, any Russia’s loss to serve their own ends.

*  oppositional politician, ex-MP.

** English writer and journalist. She was British Conservative MP since 2010 to 2012. After resignation she moved to New York where shoed overt support to Hillary Clinton during 2016 presidential campaign. 

*** terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation.