Who took picture of a boy who became «Syrian was symbol» and how do «moderate opposition» thugs come into the picture — Russian Spring investigation (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+)

Who took picture of a boy who became «Syrian was symbol» and how do «moderate opposition» thugs come into the picture — Russian Spring investigation (PHOTOS, VIDEO 18+) | Русская весна

The last week brought true information explosion which looked really like hoax made by the biased parts of the Syrian conflict. Nevertheless Western media were ready and eager to catch it and hype it up. 

We are talking about dramatic footage of 5 y.o. boy called Omran Daknish saved from destroyed building in Aleppo. The Western journalists have named him “face of Syrian war” at once.

On the 17th of August the photos of a motionless boy in a state of shock sitting in an ambulance car went viral all over the world. 

On the next day all the leading Western editions published Omran’s picture in an effort to show civilians suffering in war-torn Aleppo.

Omran was appointed a symbol of Syrian suffering becaue al-Qaterji district in Eastern Aleppo is controlled by the so called moderate rebels and that means that Syrian and Russian AF were blaimed for the airstrike at once. 

«Airstrike» circumstances

Western media with a reference to eye-witnesses report that 6-storeyed building was completely destroyed due to an airstrike. The building was home to Daknish family.

The experts immediately doubted airstrike version because the video shows neighbouring house (20 meters from explosion epicentre) almost untouched, even windowglasses. 

This could be evidence of а makeshift shell made from ballon or mortar explosion (and not aviabomb) which are widely used by the terrorists fighting against Assad.

Such unguided shells also hit areas controlled by the rebels.

After the boy was evacuated from the building doctors bandaged his head wound, then ambulance took him to M10 hospital. It turned out that boy’s injuries were not that serious like everyone thought before. Moreover the doctors confirmed that Omran was discharged from hospital on Friday, two days after the shelling.

The story becomes even more interesting when we dig into the information who took this picture and how it was taken.

Kids’ rights fighter and head-cutting thugs’ best friend 

The first to publish video of evacuation from demolished building on their YouTube channel were the volunteers from the so called Aleppo Media Centre, AMP.

This biased non-governmental organizaion is being donated from abroad, it desribes all the atrocities of war in Syria but from one point of view: blaiming only governmental forces and Russian AF for all the sufferings.

It is strange that just seconds after shell hits a building a reporter with good camera appears like a Jack from a box. It means they could know about the attack in advance.

But the most interesting here is photographer’s identity. The guy in blue shirt took the “epic” photo of Omran Daknish.

This is Mahmoud Rslan and his friendly ties will not leave you indifferent.

Rslan (also spelled Raslan and Rislan) who became famous after Omran’s photo was pulished told how he «cried and thought of his one week old daughter» when he was taking pictures in al-Quterji omitted one important thing.

Not all Syrian childern’s suffering bring tears into his eyes, only those who could be «sold» to the Western media as an «evidence of Assad’s and Putin’s atrocities».

The thing is Rslan is not ashamed to be friends and make happy selfies with «Nur ad-Din az-Zenki» fighters who killed 12 yo. boy by cutting off his head for the video.

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It’s interesting that the selfie was made on the 5 of August 2016, i.e. after the shocking episode of beheading a boy which means Rslan knew about «heroic deeds» of his friends. 

But such biography does not make Western media blush. For example, The Telegraph correspondent, Raf Sanchez posted photos taken by Rslan on his Twitter.

And the The Telegraph published tear-squeezing Raslan’s monologue (including the story about «one week old daughter») which should drive readers mad from anger to those cruel killers of the Syrian children.

The photographer's close acquaintance with «moderate terrorists» who cut heads was omitted in the article.

Moreover some experts claim that the facepaint and make-up could be used to create heart-ripping photos like «Putin and Assad are killing Syrian children».

Despite the seeming irreality of such version one should remember that the powerful parties are fighting in Syria (and in the Middle East) with someone else’s hands like masters of puppets.

And they stop at nothing on the way to their goals. Every method is good if it leads to victory. Including media hoaxes and publishing false photos and video evidences of their opponents’ “crimes” against civilians in the war-torn countries.

Just like that a series of photos were published on the Internet in 2015 showing a man making up a girll who then played a role of airstrike victim.

To be continued: hoax on Omran’s elder brother 

Three days after the Omran information attack media told that Omran’s elder brother — 10 y.o. (9 y.o. according to another data) Ali Daknish.

The first to report Ali’s death from wounds was the notorious London-based “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, then it was caught by the various editions and social networks.

The whole story reminds multimove combination played by people who want the Western readers to believe that Bashar al-Assad is the one to blame for all that goes on in Syria.

«Russian Spring» expert group