Syrians' uprising against the gangs: bloody battles and mass arrests near Damascus

Syrians' uprising against the gangs: bloody battles and mass arrests near Damascus | Русская весна

Over the three recent day the situation in Babilla to the South of Damascus has aggravated.

This is one of the three settlements (Babilla, Beyt-Sahm, Yalda) controlled by the so called Free Syrian Army.

This is the area where ceasefire regime functions, several illegal armed groups have joined Astana agreements, «Jayish Al-Islam», «Jayish Ababil Horan», «Alvia Al-Furkan» are among them.

«Army of Islam» militants are mostly immigrants from  East Guta which lies far to the North. Other groups are represented by southern regions inhabitants or other districts of the capital province. They came here in 2014 when ISIS* was attacking Damascus from the two sides so all kinds of opposition groups stopped fighting governmental forces to act against external enemy, though they were not united, but each acted on his own front sector.

Militants in Yalda, Babill and Beyt-Sahm were allowed to stay in occupied settlements provided they oserve ceasefire, that was done as a reward for not letting ISIS to Damascus. Especially that the local population was mainly negative about the authorities.

But the gangs’ morals and several years beyond the state legal and socio-economic fields have  made the residents much more loyal to their country.

The straw which broke the neck was the UN humanitarian convoy case which was stopped by the militants at a checkpoint near Yalda at the end of October, theu refused to let it in Baiylla and Beyt-Sahm supposedly because convoy administration refused to give the militants five thousand aid packages.

Rations and medicines trade by «Jayish Al-Islam» command assigned for civilians pushed clergy and elders of Babila to establishing reconciliation committee headed by former opposition activist Anas At-Tauil.

January 1st Al-Tauil and almost all the men of Babilla including self-defense squad membders signed statements on reconciliation and settlement of their civil status and return to the Syrian state.

But the militant of «Free Syrian Army» garrison decided to disrupt the process by force. «Jayish Al-Islam», «Jayish Ababil», «Alvia Al-Furqan», «Alvia Safe Al-Sham», «Firkat Dimashk» (rumored to be almost the only illegal armed group in Syria headed by a woman), «Adzhnad Ash-Sham» detained more than a hundred people in Babila, after a series of clashes that led to the death of militias and civilians, disarmed the local self-defense unit. Several dozens of Babila residents and reconciliation committee leaders managed to escape to governmental forces.

Those constrained by ceasefire agreement cannot interfere especially regarding active hostilities around Harasta in East Ghouta where «Ahrar Ash Sham», «Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham» and «Faylak Ar-Rahman» breacing  de-escalation regime have attacked quarters held by government troops.

Seems like the gangs do not appreciate the opportunity to return to legal terrain and pass on to a political dialogue for the sake of peace in Syria.

Syrian military and political expert Hamza Abbas, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

Photo on the right shows notification on security operation, it contains names of Babilla «commandant» appointed by gangs - Abu Islam and spokesman Abu-Raid. All the militants should follow their instructions. 

* terror organizations banned in Russian Federation