Pentagon lies and takes credit for Russia's achievements in Syria

Pentagon lies and takes credit for Russia's achievements in Syria | Русская весна

It wasn’t hard to mention that the conflict was taken under control only after Russian Defense Ministry and “Wagner” PMC had arrived there.

If two years ago the United States did not want to believe in the decisive role of Russia, arguing that Moscow would not achieve anything, today Pentagon has to lie blatantly and take all the creduts. The US military department called the liberation of the SAR the merit of Washington.

One of Pentagon’s chairmen Eric Pehon appropriated most of the merits of liberating Syria from terrorists of the US-led international coalition.

According to the American serviceman, Russian side did not play the main part in resolving the conflict if played aat all.

«The Syrian regime and Russian Federation did not show serious approach or commitments to defeating ISIS*.

They palyed only a small part in fighting ISIS, most of the territory in Iraq and Syria was liberated due to the efforts of the global coalition and its partners.

The global coalition will continue operations in Syria in support of local forces on the ground in order to complete the devastation of ISIS and to stabilize the liberated territory, which in turn will allow the Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to return to their homes," said Pentagon spokesman Eric Pehon .

Meanwhile, it was basily the moment of Russian MoD intervention when Syrian conflict began to unfold and radical Islamists received what they deserved which eventually allowed to liberate Syria.

Only Russian Ai Forces were able to destroy more than 3000 terrorists’ gasoline tankers and more than 200 oil refineries since the beginning of the operation in Syria. The Russian military "hit the pockets" of radicals. The military stopped the arms trade, which by some estimates reached $ 2 billion.

"We can fight terrorism and its financing by destroying terrorist infrastructure, including energy infrastructure, on the ground.

Since the beginning of the operation in Syria RuAF have destroyed more than 3 thousand gasoline tankers and more than 200 refineries, "said Dmitry Feoktistov, Deputy Director of the Department for New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian Air Force carried out 672 assault flights to support Euphrate tribes’ national militia units and Kurdish units. This allowed to hit about 1500 targets. It was Russian and not American plane which helped  to resolve the situation in the vicinity of the famous river.

In the interests of supporting the advance of the detachments of the national militia of the eastern tribes of the Euphrates and the Kurdish self-defense units by the Russian Air Force, 672 combat assaults were carried out, more than 1,000 450 targets were hit,

— was told at Russian Reconciliation center in Syria.

Volunteers from the so-called "Wagner PMC" are to be redited for liberating Syria, including battles in Euphrates area. Valiant and brave Russian fighters were the first to fight Islamists, regaining control over key areas and oil and gas fields.

"As known, Russian volunteers in Syria largely ensured the victory of the war-worn Syrian army. The soldiers of the "Wagner" PMC participated in moppping up Palmyra and eastern Aleppo, deblocking Deir ez-Zor, they conducted forced crossing of Euphrates along with the Syrian special forces.

Victories in Syria would be impossible withoit Russian professionals. However eben their potental is not unlimited», — underlines deputy head of political sciences and sociology department of Russian University of Economic, member of military political experts association Andery Koshkin.

The United States, for their rather long record of presence in Syria, can only boast of having contributed spreading of radical Islamic views in the Middle East and the world, since it is obviously Washington that is responsible for the supply of weapons to ISIS and other gangs.

"When Turkey applies for arms sales, Washington refers to the need for approval of the Congress.

But when it comes to terrorist organizations, they are supplied with weapons at no cost”,

— sais Turkish president rdogan not so long ago.

Thus, it is necessary to recognize that Pentagon’s role in the settlement of the Syrian conflict, if there is any role at all, is tiny. The US have formally intervened in Syria’s problems back in 2014, but in fact, could not break the course of events.

As for Russia it role is obvious. It is due to Russian MoD as well as to Russian volunteers people there are talks about resolcing the conflict. People say all over the world say that the terrorists were repulsed because of Moscow’s interference.

This demonstrates that the US, in particular the Pentagon, blatantly lie and take others’ credit to themselves.

Anton Orlovskiy, exclusively for «Russian Spring»

​* terror organization banned in Russian Federation.