Crimean FSB border guards rescue Ukrainian adventurer

Crimean FSB border guards rescue Ukrainian adventurer | Русская весна

The FSB border guards stationed in the Crimea have rescued a Ukrainian, who tried to get to Turkey on a trimaran, but suffered wreck in Karkinitsky Gulf of the Black Sea.

As told to journalists in Public Relations Center of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, the border guard ship "Izumrud" (Emerald) received a signal that an unidentified vessel is in distress in the Karkinitsky Gulf.

As a result, border guards who came to the aid of the navigator discovered a capsized trimaran "Fortuna X-44" and a life raft with a Ukrainian citizen on board - 12 miles southwest of Cape Tarkhankut.

The man was taken aboard the FSB ship, who rendered him first aid. The traveler explained that he "is fond of extreme sports and attempted to cross from Ukraine to Turkey, but as a result of a strong current and loss of orientation, the vessel rolled over."

The man was taken to the shore, after which he went back to the Ukraine.

In Russian Пограничники ФСБ спасли украинца, плывшего в Турцию

Translated by FortRuss