US came into offense positions to attack Syria

US came into offense positions to attack Syria | Русская весна

The United States has deployed ships and aircraft for a possible attack on an air base in Syria, "but it is not planning to attack", as CNN reported, citing several anonymous sources.

The US is watching the Shayrat airbase, where the envisaged chemical attack may be carried out, which Washington promised to respond to. However, no suspicious activity on the base has occurred. US Secretary of Defensem James Mattis said on Wednesday that, according to him, the Syrian authorities "took the warning seriously.

"Earlier, the press service of the White House said that President Bashar Assad is preparing a new chemical attack, and promised that, if implemented, the Syrian authorities will "pay a high price."

The United States failed to provide evidence of this. Russia counter-responded by identifying US-supported rebels as the ones planning yet another chemical incident, to be blamed on the Assad government.

In Russian: СРОЧНО: Войска США заняли атакующие позиции для нападения на Сирию, — СМИ