Ready for the beach? Crimea is!

Ready for the beach? Crimea is! | Русская весна

The Crimea is ready for the upcoming beach summer season, says Sergey Strelbitsky, the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic.

«For the swimming season — all the beaches are ready," Strelbitsky told journalists at the Yellow Submarine festival of beach games and water sports which started on Sunday in the resort town of Saki.

470 beaches have been prepared, to be ready for the season. According to the minister, the republic intends to invest in the development of theme beaches: children's, sports, entertainment, fantastic, space.

«Beaches are not only a place where people bathe and sunbathe, but they are a place for active sports, festivals, and full-fledged recreation for our tourists. Tourists should come even more to the Crimea, because our beaches are better," Strelbitsky said.

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