Death From Above: Russia sows terror on militants in Syria (VIDEO)

Death From Above: Russia sows terror on militants in Syria (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Despite all the accusations of Western media against Russian actions, our pilots are doing their job. And unlike their Western counterparts, doing it perfectly.

In an exclusive video, Rusvesna shows the work of Russian combat aircraft. "Over the past few days, as a result of a series of air strikes in areas of Halfa, Zor Abu Zayd and Taybet Al Imam, Homs province, rebels have lost more than a hundred men"- said the military source.

"Also as a result of targeted killings, we were able to break the system of underground communications and supplies for the militant groups in these areas. Now, in order to effectively supply their units at the forefront, to replenish their fighters, ammunition and fuel, the militants are forced to move over the surface. In the context of total control of the area by Russia's airforce, this kind of supply mission is suicide."

Not only has irreparable damage been caused to militant supply lines, but much more importantly: their morale is being destroyed.

The military source confirms that entire militias are simply demoralized and unable to continue fighting. What then, can be said about the success of the Western-coalition forces, when, after their "counter terror activity", the terrorists were only more determined to continue to fight.

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