Who killed the children? (VIDEO)

Who killed the children? (VIDEO) | Русская весна

April 15th in the long-suffering Syria terrorists committed another war crime.

Van, full of explosive, was driven to buses with refugees.

These civilians tried to survive at occupied by terrorist Idlib province during 2 years. But more than 130 civilians died from dreadful explosion.

Half of them were children. Such a huge number can be explained by cynicism of terrorist act organizers. Before blow the car and himself, suicide bomber lured a lot of children by free sweets. Little boys and girls rushed to him and after that explosion blows. 

Consequences were horrifying. As was mentioned earlier more than 130 are dead, even more are injured. Half of the victims are children. Western media immediately started to try make an alibi for so-called «moderate rebels», telling about «victims among the rebels». But this is a weak game. What are the few bodies of their «cannon fodder» for the savages from «Ahrar al-Sham» band or another group of killers from «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham»?

Any band of those thugs, operating in Idlib, dispels all doubts about theirs «moderation» long time ago. They just have no excuse to miss the opportunity to derail the negotiating protest or kill bunch of innocent people, sowing seeds of terror around the country. And a few of sacrificed «comrades» is a good cost for such price.
Maybe it is ISIS who organized this mass killing act. It has a huge experience at preparing suicide bombers and filling vans by explosives. But Idlib region is not their zone of influence or presence. And ISIS likes to immediately announce responsibility for such a crime.

Those citizens were freed from Idlib not because terrorist good will. It was a part of the exchange — Syrian government also let some thugs with their families come back to Idlib. So, there is the one interest fact you should know. 

«Honorable rebels» from «Ahrar al-Sham» just didn’t let the emergency cars with injured people go back to the hospitals before rest of terrorist came back to Idlib border.

The question arises — are the negotiation process with such kind of «opposition» worth it? As we can see, «moderate rebels» are have no difference with ISIS* or Al-Quaeda criminals. I can only explain this because Syria government was forced to deal with such kind of maniacs, because lives of peaceful citizens were on the scales. And it still the most important priority to save innocent people’s lives, even if it’s no other way except dealing with terrorists. But this time people came to harm anyway. «Moderate» terrorists didn’t miss their chance. Sad but true.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.