30,000 reserves gather near Donetsk (VIDEO)

30,000 reserves gather near Donetsk (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Impressive footage of 30 000 reserves gathering in the fields of Donbass on April 6th 2017 was published at the official YouTube channel of Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the Donetsk Republic. 

The featuring soundtrack is a famous Soviet patriotic song from the time of the Second World War, «Sacred war!» The choice of the song echoes the symbolism of the struggle of the DNR against a neo-fascist Ukraine. 

In the video, Zakharchenko called on the reserves to stand up against the Kiev regime. «For the third year in a row there is war in our country. For the third year the enemy has been attempting to kill us, our children and our parents. Everyday Ukrainian media attempt to prove why they need to kill us. I am proud to be born in Donbass and I am proud of you. Together we will win — the enemy will be destroyed» — said Zakharchenko.