The spiders began to squabble among themselves (VIDEO)

The spiders began to squabble among themselves (VIDEO) | Русская весна

The plight of the militants at many sites of the Syrian front forces them to take various measures to save themselves from complete destruction.

There are groups that are beginning to realize the meaninglessness of this war, and therefore they enter the civilized way of peaceful negotiations.

However, unfortunately, not all groups realize this, and they save their lives in extremely low ways. Suffice it to recall that in early April, the rebels committed a chemical attack against the civil population of Khan Sheihun. After that, with the support of a number of Western countries, they accused the government of Assad in everything. Everyone knows what happened next…

However, some groups do not want to rehabilitate in the eyes of the Syrian people at the cost of lives of innocent people. Thus, according to information from the Syrian special services, representatives of the Ahrar al-Sham group, pursuing their own goals, conveyed to the government intelligence officers information that on April 10, 2017 there will be a meeting of Jabhat al-Nusra field commanders in vicinity of Jisr al-Shughur,Idlibgovernorate. The information and coordinates were thoroughly checked by the Russian Federation intelligence. Once the data was confirmed, an airstrike was launched on. According to informants, the airstrike killed at least 22 Jabhat al-Nusra* commanders.

This case clearly shows that for the sake of their own benefit and gaining an advantage over their competitors, the militants are ready to cooperate with anyone.

*terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation