Blatant lying machine: How Western and Middle Eastern media sow seeds of hatred to Russia (VIDEO)

Blatant lying machine: How Western and Middle Eastern media sow seeds of hatred to Russia (VIDEO) | Русская весна

March 15 a number of Western news agencies told the world about «yet another crime of the Russian warmongers against Syrian people».

Referring to «civil defense» (so called «White helmets») and «Syrian observatory for human rights» they have told that Russian war planes had allegedly carried out two bomb strikes which had hit residential house in Al Qussur street in Southern part of Idlib city. Victims presumably «number in dozens».

However even fleet glance on the news show this is too thin even for information war on «Syrian front». 

Not so exact number of airstike victims: from 10 to 22. How is it possible?

This is Arabic «Al-Jazeera» coverage.


The correspondent is standing in front of the ruined house and gives floor to one of the «White helmets» who tells that 8 families have lived there, all of them have fled from Aleppo, 14 people have been killed, women and children among them

Here is the coverage of Turkey-based Arabic media resource «Orient-News». Here yet another «White helmets» member on the same place tells about only five families but death toll has just risen to 25 people.

The videos show nothing but construction machinery operating on the ruined of small three-floored building. No victims being exctracted from the debris, no wounded being brought to hospitals. 

This is very strange as the pictures we’ve described above are the pictures very much loved by propagandists, they are traditionally used for cases like this. 

Especially when we keep in mind that March 15th  2017 mark two milestones – «the seventh anniversary of Syrian revolution» and the day when another round of Syrian talks came to an end in Astana unattended by the Syrian opposition armed groups.

News about «Russian Air Force striking Idlib’s civilians» were very convinient for them as a excuse. Especially if they were accompanied by bloody pictures. 

The one who showed people in that ruined building was Maaz Shami, «media activists», he uploaded his own video on YouTube. There another «White helmets» member reported only ten dead — six children and four women.

But the video itself shows only two dead men and one alive corpulent bearded guy with a stump.


It’s clear, that according the mass media supporting antigovernment forces in Syrian conflict, Russian and Syrian Air Forces do not bomb anybody, except peaceful inhabitants. It could be an impression, that the main goal of Air Force activity is an extermination of women and children. 

Hostile to Damascus western and middle eastern media’s main stream never showed  Russian or Syrian Air Force hit at least anyone from thousands of combatants, located in Idlib and surroundings. By the way the most manifold from them is “Tahrir al Sham”, which was formed by joining of “Jabhat Fatah al-Sham”/“Jabhat al-Nusra” group, divided from ISIS and Al Qaeda, also with radicals from other formations.

But a sensible man can suggest that if aviation strikes any building it tries to hit an enemy to avoid when its own soldiers meet that enemy at the battlefield later. That is why it’s so important for «Al Jazeeras» and «Orients» to show killed and wounded women and children.

False lists of the dead

Since there isn’t any photo- or video evidences of Idlib’s civilian victims this time some «enthusiast» has tried to compensate it with a message at the well-kown Arabic oppositional resource «Al-Itihad Press» (اثنان-وعشرون-شهيداً-بينهم-عائلات-بأكم/).

The particular feature of resources like these is that they are kind of news aggregators. Trusted field sources can simply download their information, which is presented to the world as a trustworthy report. For instance, London-based «The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights» operates in the same way. Its news are used by medias and bodies like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch or International Criminal Court.

One can see how thin is that by examining the news of an airstrike to Idlib on the 15th of March. If in the video presented by «White Helmets» (by the way they are sponsored from Britain and other organizations of Western countries) they cannot come to a consensus as for exact number of the killed, the piece by «Al-Ittihad Press» contradicts itself. First they report 22 deaths, 15 are children and other 5 are women. Thus it could be only two dead males in the destroyed house.

Then there is a list of names with  an indication of victim’s age and it’s specified they are from the eastern part of Aleppo province, fled from ISIS not to Turkey or to Damascus, but to Idlib, which is controlled by insurgents. But the reading of that list really astonishing – instead of two adult males, at least four are mentioned. Such negligence causes a suggest that somebody simply took the data of victims, for example inhabitants of Al-Bab killed by Western coalition airstrike and misrepresented them as victims of Russian Airforces’ strike in Idlib.

However the last paragraph of the news explains why «Al-Ittihad Press» could do such fraud.

The case is that the bloody terrorist attack took place in Damascus on the 15th of March. The resources similar with «Al-Ittihad Press» found nothing better, than to put short news about that in the end of their «information» about «the strikes to Idlib».

How did they identified Russian war planes?

One more question — how journalists identified that the house in Idlib was destroyed by airstrike carried out particular by the Russians? According to the first video of Maaz Shami, the house was destroyed in the night.

Even if it was an airstrike nobody could possibly identify the planes.

It is worth to remind that in the first hours after destruction of the mosque in El-Jin at Aleppo and Idlib provinces’ border at night on the 16th of March the opposition and other sources blamed Russian or Syrian Airforce for that strike. Until it was found out that the airstrike was conducted by the Americans.

How does lying machine work?

All that story is yet another evidence of the mechanism of lie, from the very beginning covering the action of several countries to unleash the war in Syria.

Leading agencies and TV channelsreport extermination of civilians (in the cities controlled by rebel freedom fighters) by the «regime and Russians».

In the same time they dissemble a couple of very important circumstances.

First of all: who are those rebels.

As it has been already told, there are opposition groups together with recognized terrorists from «Tahrir al Sham» in Idlib.

Then what is the source of spreading the false information.

This deserves the second flance indeed: the difference in informing the Western and Arabic audiences.

In Arabic resources there are usual references to the certain opposition activists, who are called «independent journalists» or representatives of «White Helmets».

The Western media just quote «Idlib civilian self-defense» or «The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights». There is no indication of the fact, that the sources of information are the same activists, connected with an opposition at the best or with terrorists in the worst case.

For instance Maaz Shami is a well-known person. In the summer he has been actively reporting about Aleppo offensive by radical «jihadists» of «Jaysh al Fath» and with pleasure took pictures with his arms round Abdullah al-Muhaysini, famous ISIS preacher from Saudi Arabia.

Muhaysini lives in Idlib now and still encourages all jihadists to unite: from «Jabhat al-Nusra» and Al Qaeda to ISIS. But that kind of ties do not prevent «Al Jazeera» or «The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights» from using such activists as sources of information and commentators.

For more credibility they use pseudo structure of «White Helmets». In that case they reckon up only lack of audience’s critical perception. 

Dusty man wearing rescue uniform is telling about dead bodies — how is it possible not to trust him?

The fact is being ignored that there are no usual elements of infrastructure at the territories controlled by the so called opposition and terrorists. For example there is no any forensic medical examinations, responsible for identification of dead bodies and also for recording their names and reasons of death.

That is why «White Helmets» can tell and write whatever they want — who could possibly verify their information except for warlords and media motivated by their sponsors, which are interested in fabrication of video news?

* terrorist organization banned in Russian Federation.