Does Ukraine need its own Putin? – Savchenko predicts break-up of Ukraine

Does Ukraine need its own Putin? – Savchenko predicts break-up of Ukraine | Русская весна

Ukrainian Member of Parliament, Nadezhda Savchenko, who has previously been charged with the murder of journalists in the Donbass, and cosequently pardoned by President Putin’s decree – has stated that there are three possible scenarios for the future development of Ukraine, one of which includes a break-up of the country into several.

Savchenko stipulated, that given the situation of hardship which the authorities have forced upon the people, it is difficult to speak about any kind of ‘relaunch’ of Government at this time.

There are three scenarios that could unfold; 1) Ukraine will break-up into several states; 2) The government will abuse its power internally 3) Or the iron fist will be applied externally. The third option is the least beneficial, because “we don’t know who it is that will come to restore our order.” – said Savchenko in an interview to the Apostrof publication in the Ukraine.

She reiterated that for the second option, she envisions an abuse of power by the authorities over the people.

“I prefer a move toward a different government, and changing our political system. I’m talking about the way that it was done by Pinochet, Charles de Gaulle – this is only possible if a strong person comes along, one that has the qualities to raise the people up and to really change the situation” – says Savchenko.

Similarly, she considers that it is now imperative to hold a new election for Ukrainian President, and then for the Parliament.

Translated by Inessa Sinchougova, originally published at RusVesna