Severe clashes near Damascus: West opens "second front" in favour of jihadists (VIDEO)

Severe clashes near Damascus: West opens "second front" in favour of jihadists (VIDEO) | Русская весна

Syrian armed forces are pursuing a powerful offensive in the outskirts of Damascus trying to force the terrorists out and make the capital safe. The jihadi gangs have lost about 40% of territories previously controlled by them obver the last ten days.

As the Syrian Army battles jihadist insurgents in Eastern Ghouta a mainstream media propaganda campaign is kicking in the high gear. CNN calls this teenages boy Mohammed Najem a combat reporter in Eastern Ghouta. 

But there is a disclaimer in the corner of the screen which reads «CNN annot verify the authenticity of this footage». That's because neither journalists nor human rights workers have access to that area. 

Jonathan Alpeyrie — a journalist who wrote a book which recounts being help captive by FSA faction for 91 days until businessman close to the Syrian governments secures his release. Dan Cohen, RT correspondent met him and asked several questions.

— Going inside Ghouta now is very defficult for two main reasons: number one is I don't think Syrian government would allow you to do so. Ad number two — most of the fighters inside the pocket are islamic rebels and as a foreign journalist going into these areas you should be aware that you might be killed but that's somethng else. But mostly because you can get kidnapped.

Eastern Ghouta is controlled by a collection of jihadist malicious including «Jaysh al-Islam», «Faylaq ar-Rahman», «Ahrar ash-Sham» and «Al-Qaeda»* - linked 'Tahrir ash-Sham».

«Jaysh al-Islam» is known to force women from the minority Alawite sect into cages to be used as human shields.

Alpeyrie says media outlets using this unverifiable footage from these areas is violation of professional journalistic standards. 

— The have chosen to take footage from people on the ground not knowing whether these people are to be trusted or not.

So why are the mainstream media promoting a Twitter account they can't verify as authentic?

Looking at Najem's Twitter account we see that his first follower is Qusay Noor. The poducer of CNN news segment and Qusay Noor follow each other. 

This BuzzFeed artile claim that Noor is Najem's older brother. 

Though his Facebook page contains stratling revelations: here he poses with jihadist militants from «Jayish al-Islam» and here — «Faylaq ar Rakhman». Here Noor promotes Abu Mahummed al Joulani — the leader of «Al Qaeda's» affiliate in Syrian «Jabhat an-Nusra»*.

Among the handful of other accounts Najem follows is CNN's Michael Weiss — the neoconservatve pundit he was photographed with militants in Aleppo.

So what's the agenda behind mainstream media promoting inverifiable social media accounts linked to jihadist?

This leaked reording may offer a clue. In September 201 then Secretary of State John Kerry met with Syrian opposition figures. Kerry admitted allowing ISIS* to grow in order to dorce Syrian president's Bashar al Assad negotiated removal.

Leaked audio:
SHEHWARO: I worked for six campaigns over Aleppo in the last six years. You know jow many there were for Raqqa? How many scial media campaihns asking for protection for Raqqa?
KERRY: How many?
SHEHWARO: May be one or two. In Aleppo we have six. Almost each sic months one.
KERRY: So you think the only solution is for somebody to come and get rid of Assad?
KERRY: That's the only solution?
KERRY: Who's that gonna be? Who's gonna do that?
SHEHWARO: Three years ago I would say you. But right now I don't know.

It's a pettern we've seen before — through the social media West introduced Bana Alabed. Baa doesn't speak English as we see in this interview with Turkish state media outlet TRT:

— Do you like a food in Istanbul?
— Yes.
— What do you like?
— Save the children of Syria. 

In now deleted tweets Alabed praised US airstrikes on Syria and called for WWIII. She was promoted by CNN's Jake Tapper and even intervied as an expert on Syria.

“Russian Spring” has written about it: «Putin and Assad killed my friends, robbed my childhood», — Trump uncases informational weapon from Obama's arsenal

Bana was awarded a Turkish citizenship and received a book deal through J.K. Rowling's agent. 

Now CNN does the same as it did with Bana Alabed: the video of Muhammed Najem was completed with dramatic background music. 

— I live in eastern Ghouta. We are killed by your silence. Assad, Putin and Khamenei. Khamanei killed our childhood. 

The same thing was said by Bana almost a year ago:

The agenda is clear:mainstream media explots children to target one aim — get another war of regime change.

* terror organization banned by Russian Federation