When Will America Stop Starving People in the Rukban Camp?

When Will America Stop Starving People in the Rukban Camp? | Русская весна

These days the Civil Committee of the Rukban camp refugees asked the Russian government for help.

At the same time, in Syria the fight against the IS terrorists is almost over. This was officially announced by the Russian leadership. The last outpost of the radicals in the province of Deir Ez-Zor fell. But in the south of Syria there is a hotbed of instability — the American base of Al Tanf near the refugee camp of Rukban.

The official position of Moscow towards the situation in Al Tanf was expressed by the Minister of Foreign Relations of Russia Sergei Lavrov. The minister noted that the above mentioned 55-kilometer zone is a new haven of terrorists who fled from the retaliation of government troops from the province of Deir Ez-Zor.

«Unfortunately, the United States unilaterally created in Al Tanf a security zone with the radius of 50 km. We believe that there is no need for this. Inside this zone there is the Rukban refugee camp, which is regularly used by groups of the IS terrorists who enter this zone from outside», Sergei Lavrov said during the third international conference «The Mediterranean: Roman Dialogue» on December 1, 2017.

In 2015 the United States deployed a military base in a small area on the Syrian-Jordanian border near the settlement of Al Tanf. There are special ops groups and military instructors who train the militants including those who take part in operations again the Governmental Forces. Washington announced the creation of a 55-kilometer security zone around Al Tanf. It includes the Ruckban refugee camp which is known for an extremely negative humanitarian situation. In many respects it was caused by the policy of Washington: Americans refused to let any humanitarian convoys into the security zone.

Previously the oppositional Syrian media as well as a number of Western media sources and well-known bloggers stated that the Assad regime isolates East Ghouta in economic and humanitarian sense and refuses to admit the poor situation in the camp. Now they recognize it. The Civil Committee of the

Ruckban refugees turned to the Russian government with an official letter with the following text:

The White House has always ignored the interests of people and that is a bit off for the state that wants to wet democracy all over the world. That is why everything one can do is to sympathize with the people in the Ruckban camp and to hope that Russia will help them even though Washington is trying to prevent it.