From Hell to Hell: the IG Terrorists Who Escaped Abu Kamal Got into Another Trap

From Hell to Hell: the IG Terrorists Who Escaped Abu Kamal Got into Another Trap | Русская весна

The IS terrorist organization has almost got strangulated. Hardly had the terrorists came round after the assault of Abu Kamal as they fell into another trap near did not have time to recover after the storming of Abu-Kemal, as they got into a new trap near Muayzilah settlement.

This is where the handfuls of survived terrorists are escaping from the liberated settlements.

The current state of the IS* may be called death agonies. It is a little more and the Syrian plague is beaten. Arab information agencies referring to the command of the Iraqi Armed Forces’ joint operations previously reported heavy losses among the IS terrorists during the assault of Abu Kamal and the following secure of it that followed. Those pathetic remnants of militants who happened to stay alive hiding in the desert west of Abu Kemal did not make their lives much longer.

Now the southeast of Syria is no longer a problem area for the Government Forces and their allies. The militants do not have the possibility to get supplies from Iraq, and actually there are almost no jihadists left. Neither the suicide bombers nor the publisized by the pseudo-Caliphate elite Ingimashi groups of elite Ingimas managed to help them.

Residents of the Syrian southeast who were rescued from captivity say that militants are demoralized and depressed. There are cases of defection and refusing to obey orders. The local population says that even before the assault of Abu Kamal several Islamic radicals left the combat area. It seems that the IS terrorists made up the shortage of manpower from underage children. Some suicide vests found in Abu Kamal are of small size. They might be designed for children and adolescents specially.

That dark and threatening «Islamic State» that used to keep more than half of the Syrian territory and a third of Iraq in fear today is forced to hide on a small land spot in the desert and in underground tunnels near Muayzilah located in several dozen kilometers to the west from Abu Kamal. Here also the fugitives from other liberated settlements of the Deir ez-Zor province are hiding. According to the preliminary data, there are just 150–200 surrounded militants.

The trapped terrorists do not give up their attempts to break the siege in small groups at night. However, the small units are under round-the-clock control of the Russian aviation that prevents any attempt to escape.

Reportedly the Government Forces groups supported by Russian pilots have earlier killed around 50 terrorists and destroyed more than a dozen pick-ups with large-caliber machine guns and several units of mortar guns.

The extremists are blocked from all sides and they are short of resources, especially ammunition: often the attempts of terrorists to counterattack the Government groups cause heavy losses among the IS.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.