Syrian army offensive in the western part of Aleppo

Syrian army offensive in the western part of Aleppo | Русская весна

Night between 21th and 22th of april began from heavy airstrikes at Anadan and Haritan direction, conducted by Russian and Syrian Air Forces.

Terrorist’s positions here were literally dug up by blows. At the same time, Syrian artillery pounded preliminary recognized terrorist’s positions. 

Full scale offensive began right after that. Syrian assault troops threw back jihadist’s forces from their fortifications. Another attack was directed on Tal Mukhalil highground. Terrorist artillery squad was destroyed (6 mortars, 1 heavy gun, 4 guntrucks, 1 rocket launcher and more than 100 thugs).

At 11.30 am of april 22th radio monitoring reveals message from terrorist’s side, that said about 500 bandits will reinforce their accomplices. Now, Syrian forces must deflect enemy counterattacks and push the offensive pace for not letting terrorists to regroup.