Terrorists retreating from Hama

Terrorists retreating from Hama | Русская весна

At April 20th elite Syrian squad «Tigers» seized the city Taybat al-Imam.

Previously this city was captured by terrorists from «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham».

It’s not the first success of Syrian troops at Hama province. Before that the whole line of cities were freed from bandits, who captured those towns in March offensive.

But now, if government forces would able to bring back Halfaya city, terrorist offensive obtaining will be cut. 

Sure, the most important role in such results of Syrian army counterattack were due to effective military management and accurate strikes of Russian and Syrian Air forces.

Also, after USA and Turkey cut the funding of illegal armed groups in Hama, bandits less and less wants to die for their master’s interests.

Gangs from Hama and Idlib cannot decide medical supply problem for a long time. Lack of drugs, bandages, donor blood, small amount of military first-aid-posts and issues with wounded evacuation is an extremely bad motivator.

Especially for mercenaries, who thrown into battle by the hands of their US and Turkey masters.