Preparation for al-Raqqa assault

Preparation for al-Raqqa assault | Русская весна

Preparation for Raqqa massive assault by Syrian forces is going well underway. 

According to military experts, terrorists have not enough forces in Raqqa to counter Syrian Army offensive. All the more so, ISIS* bandits have no accurate information about direction of this offensive. Also, terrorists are seriously bounded by clashes with Kurdish forces near al-Tabqa.

According to military source from Syrian Army, heavy assault group was deployed at south-east from Aleppo. It main task — be ready for devastating attack at ISIS positions. In addition to already deployed forces, three armored companies were moved from the west of Aleppo. Opportunity to reinforce assault group by these armored companies arose after Idlib offensive was delayed on indefinite date. 

Concluding this, military source from Syrian Army said that this «Iron Fist» is able to eradicate terrorist’s forces on Aleppo south direction less than a week.
Also, officer gave a hint about «surprise» for ISIS bandits from Turkish «friends».

The offensive of Syrian Army is planning on the april end or may beginning.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia.