Imagine If Russian Tanks Were Only 450 Miles From Washington, DC

Imagine If Russian Tanks Were Only 450 Miles From Washington, DC | Русская весна

The United States "no longer [enjoys] cooperative engagement" with Russia, according to the monster Trump chose to lead the Pentagon.

"Russia is choosing to be a strategic competitor and we’re finding that we can only have very modest expectations of the areas where we can cooperate," he added.

A strategic competitor? Where — on Russia's border?

Yes, something tells us "cooperation" is a two-way street that doesn't have room for tanks.

U.S. tanks are now only 700 kilometers from Moscow. That's only a day away if you don't stop for toilet breaks and let amphetamine queen Louise Mensch do the driving. She's an eager beaver!

Close your eyes and imagine a world in which Russian tanks are 450 miles from Washington, DC — greased up and ready to rumble. Now imagine that in this alternate universe, the Kremlin issues daily statements about how there “cannot be any return to business as usual” with Washington because of its "constant interference" with Russia and its 800 overseas military bases and endless drone and proxy wars in the Middle East and North Africa.

That would seem a little bit strange, wouldn't it? Is "strange" the right word? No, probably not.

The hubris and defiant resistance to reality — it's remarkable. Detente is as dead as a nameless brown drone victim in Pakistan.