Kiev under pressure from warmongers — Russia’s OSCE envoy

Kiev under pressure from warmongers — Russia’s OSCE envoy | Русская весна

The authorities in Kiev are under strong pressures from forces interested in a military solution of the conflict in Donbas, Russia’s OSCE envoy Andrey Kelin said at a meeting of the organization’s permanent council. A transcript of his statement has been published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website.

According to the diplomat "that influences Kiev’s readiness to honestly comply with the Minsk Accords."

"The string of enigmatic suicides by opposition-related persons and by people just critical of the new authorities is continuing," Kelin said. "Also, there have been no less mysterious deaths of people who were involved in the tragic events of May 2 in Odessa and in their investigation.

"Arrests and detentions on political charges are continuing," the diplomat said. "Still in custody are people detained in the south-east of Ukraine for organizing or participating in massive unrest that was accompanied by violence, arsons, destruction of properties, seizures of buildings or facilities, and resistance to the authorities. In a word, the very same acts that gained notoriety for the current "government of victors" in Kiev a year ago. Kelin recalled the fate of political prisoner Spartak Golovachyov, who was detained back last April and has now started another hunger strike.

"He must be released at once," the diplomat said.

Kelin drew attention to the fact there had been no news yet about the investigation of the "sniper case" and the tragedies in Odessa and Mariupol. 

"We are inviting those of our Western counterparts who have been wailing over alleged human rights violations in Donbas to take an attentive look at what is happening in the areas under the control of the central authorities. For instance, in Artyomovsk and Mariupol."

"We are certain that the Ukrainian authorities will be able at least to take to a logical outcome the investigation of those responsible for the March 16 road accident in the town of Konstantinovka," the diplomat said. "As we understand, an armoured vehicle with a drunk Ukrainian military at the wheel hit civilians, killing an eight-year-old girl. That incident sparked an outbreak of mass anger of local civilians. The authorities’ reaction is noteworthy in that respect. They started looking for and, of course, immediately found "terrorists’ henchmen" and also issued orders to shoot to kill in case protest actions grow." 

"The level of confidence towards the central authorities in Donbas is low, to say the least," Kelin said. "The sole way of raising it is diligent, systematic and mutual compliance with the agreed package of measures. We believe that all countries interested in a peace settlement might furnish the required assistance to the leadership of Ukraine in resisting the radical forces that impair the peace process and keep urging for a resumption of bloodshed."