«White tales»: chemical attacks and immortal rescuers serving USA (PHOTO)

«White tales»: chemical attacks and immortal rescuers serving USA (PHOTO) | Русская весна

«White Helmets videos about chemical attacks» have recently become well-known examples if information war and deceitful propaganda.

The point is not even in frequency of the releases but in the number of fails, inaccuracies and logical gaps.

First we’re shown a mortar explosion crater and it is called sarine shell detonation spot while any expert would say that chemical weapon do not leave such traces. 

Then they pour water onto the people pretending to be «gas attack» victims. But wait, sarine poisonous agents is spread even faster with water. Then they give resuscitation right on the spot of chemical atack. The last one is especially ridiculuous and there are five main reasons for that. 

First: even if the rescuers would arrive that soon to find still alive victims they would be aflicted also and would die next to the original victims. 

Second: it is quite doubtful that the rescuers could arrive that soon in the lethal area and find victims alive. Otherwise it is such a rare luck to be five minutes away from the spot of supposed chemical attack with cameras.  

Third: actors are changed from one video to another because it is unlikely that the same Duncan McCleods meet sarine shell every week — this is too much even for the White Helmets. Still we may spot one person lying on the ground and playing a civilian aflicted by sarine and then he is already running with a girl anointed with red paint and powdered with concrete dust and then again – the same person in harness  with a gun.

В-четвертых: first aid methods shown on the video are utterly unprofessional — the guy on the ground might end up with several broken ribs as a result of closed-chest cardiac massage. Well OK, this may happen but not the lower ribs – there is no heart there.

Fifth: the main thing — a person aflicted with sarine warfare agent DIES WITHIN ONE MINUTE.

The above-listed evidences say that the other staff by White Helmets is nothing more but information war elements. These hoaxes are being made with one aim – to justify illegal actions of US-led coalition and label Syrian Arab Republic as «killer of the innocent».

Please note that the «White helmets» have never blaimed neither  Islamists militants finghting in Syria nor coalitionaviation habitually turning residential areas into dust. Which indicates the fact that the organization is created by the “coalition”, it acts in favour of “coalition” and has nothing to do with the real rescuers.

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Vitaliy Kleymenoc, exclusively for «Russian Spring»