What US authorities knew before 9/11 attacks — part 2 (PHOTO)

What US authorities knew before 9/11 attacks — part 2 (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Which circumstances of 9/11 attacks US authorities conceal and what special services knew before the attacks — the second part of “Russian Spring” review.

Part 1: 9/11 attacks: what USA authorites kept silent about for 15 years — «Russian Spring» review (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Despite Washington’s assurances of auhthorities’ anawareness on «possbility to use an arcraft as a rocket», the American special services as well as other countries’ special services have accummulated enough information using aircraft as mass muder instrument long before September 11th. Many American media have pointed that out.

In 1994 Federal Express non-management employeу discontented with company’s management policy tried to highjack small passenger plane and hit one of the administrative building in Memphis, but his attempt failed as he was harshly opposed by air crew.

In the same year Air France plane was highjacked by terror group which was also associated with Al-Qaeda*, their plan was to attack Eiffel Tower.

Thir attempt has also failed: during tanking they were disarmed and neutralized by SWAT unit.

In January1995 one of the future orchstrators of 9/11 attack Khaled Seikh Mohammed with his accomplices tried to implement a plan known as “Projet Bojinka”, but all of them were arrested in Philippines.

That plan included mid-air bombings of planes headed to the United States from Asian countries on a single day, as well as hijacking airliners and crashing them into targets like the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. According to Philippine authorities, this information was passed on that year to the U.S. Embassy in Manila and to the U.S. Joint Task Force on Terrorism

According to information gathered by US special services the terrorists were planning to atack WTC, White House, Pentagon, the Transamerican Tower in San-Francisco and the Sears Tower in Chicago. Later Abdul Hakim Murad, also convicted in the 1993 bombing and Yousef's Manila roommate, admitted to Philippine investigators that he suggested to Yousef hijacking a U.S. airliner and crashing it into the CIA building. 

Also, according to a Washington Post article, his interrogators learned that Murad had taken flying lessons at aviation schools in the USA just like 9/11 attakers. .

Reports of a terror act using an aircraft have also come to White House from abroad. Back in 1999 British intelligence service transferred their American colleagues a report containing information about Al-Qaeda’s plans to use passner plane as «a flying bomb».

Some time later, but before 9/11 tragedy, in August 2001 London passed some data about terrorists’ plan to seize several passenger airliners to Washington and American president had an opportunity to study the report.

Many influential politiсs have no doubts in American administration’s awareness on terror acts being prepared. In the summer of 2000, the military team, known as Able Danger, prepared a chart that included visa photographs of the four men and recommended to the military's Special Operations Command that the information be shared with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the congressman, Representative Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania, and the former intelligence official said Monday

What is the most anecdotic about US authorities’ assurances of how “the could not even assume a possibility of civil aircrafts to hit target on the territory of the Unidted States» is that they were made during command-staff exercise and military exercises and spanned area of rsponsibility of the ground forces, air forces and ABM Defense, STRATCOM, CIA, FBI, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency etc.

It isindicative that the attack day was the day of the most important trainin stages oа several programs like «Global Guardian», «Vigilant Guardian», «Vigilant Warrior», «Northern Vigilance», «Amalgam Virgo» и «Tripod-2».

Some of them included simuation of events looking lie September terror attacks which defined catastrophe scale as training prcess affected efficiency and respone tome of many emergency services.

This fact was reflected in 9/11 Panel Report. The so called Staff Statement No. 17 says that there were a lot of false emergency messages regarding plane highjacking in the morning of Sept.11.

Numerous articles about concsious indifference of US adminstration during September tragedy affected public opinion.

In August 2004 according to social rsearch agency more than 49% of New York City residents and  41% New York residents were sure that US authorities  knew about teror acts being prepared and allowed them happen.

In the same year of 2004 the similar survey was made by CNN, they asked audience if they believe US administration hiding information on 9/11 terror atacks.

89% of the Americans who took part in the poll gave positive answer.

Still Washington preferred to put a brave face on a sorry business and to keep silence in response to all the public requests to declassify the remaining part of 9/11 Panel Report.

But on July  15, 2016 US administration decided to publish missing 28 pages of the 800 pages report which had been classified before.  

Why it happened on the verge of presidential elections in the USA and how it can affect Washington’spolicy – rad in the third and final part of our review.

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* teror group prohibited in Russian Federation