01.02.2016 - 16:39   
Russian Warplanes Destroy Over 1,300 Terrorist Targets in Syria in One Week | Русская весна

Russian warplanes have carried out 468 sorties, destroying over 1,300 terrorist targets in eight Syrian provinces in one week, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.

28.01.2016 - 17:56   
American Government Should Stop Criticizing Russia’s Effective Public Relations Machine | Русская весна

Today, we review – and criticize – America’s out-sized obsession with doing better PR than Russia – and despite America’s outspending Russia, the reality is that Russia simply has a better and stronger media message than the US.

21.01.2016 - 16:06   
Big Lies About Russia’s Syrian Campaign Persist | Русская весна

Pentagon commanders are awestruck by Moscow’s formidable military power, its sophisticated weapons matching or exceeding their own capability, outdoing the prowess of other NATO countries.

16.01.2016 - 22:07   
How Western media brainwash the Europeans by demonizing Russia (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

World’s agenda is very selective. Those who manage it don’t need pictures of Russian planes air dropping humanitarian aid over Deir ez-Zor. They need Russian airstrikes pictures and starving Syrian children.

11.01.2016 - 22:30   
Connection between Turkish officers and ISIS confirmed in report for Norvegian Foreign Office (PHOTOS, VIDEO) | Русская весна

«Russian Spring» continues its investigation on connections between the Turkish officials and ISIS terror group.

07.01.2016 - 19:44   
A great debunking: Turkish and Ukrainian media’s hoax on «evidences» of ISIS and Russia talks (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Recently the Turkish media made more and more loud and absurd statmenets on the Russian military’s activity in Syria. These statments are immediately caught and spread by theit Ukrainian "colleagues".

01.01.2016 - 3:19   
Putin’s New Year Address 2016: Grateful to all those defending Russia | Русская весна

President Putin has addressed the Russian nation, congratulating the people on a hard but fruitful year.

12.12.2015 - 11:07   
War report by "Timur": terrorists are preparing to attack near Palmira, suicide bombers are being trained to penetrate SAA defence | Русская весна

The latest information from Syria is reported by Ukrainian citizen, Donbass born militia fighter with nom-de-guerre "Timur". He is fighting in Syria on the side of Kurdish militia now.

07.12.2015 - 18:31   
War Report from "Timur": Terrorists in Syria suffer great losses, trying to transfer their families to Turkey and asking Erdogan's regime for help | Русская весна

The latest information from Syria is reported by Ukrainian citizen, Donbass born militia fighter with nom-de-guerre "Timur". He is fighting in Syria on the side of Kurdish militia now.

02.12.2015 - 15:07   
The closer to war, the further from truth - British press blaimed Russia for bombing Turkish territory with prohibited weapons | Русская весна

After Russian SU-24 had been downed in the Syrian sky Turkish fighter jet the Western media threw an anti-Russian tantrum trying to justify Turkey in front of the whole world.

28.11.2015 - 19:13   
Four questions to Turkey on supposedy destroyed quasi-humanitarian convoy | Русская весна

There are certain questions to our "Turkish partnes" which seem to be unanswered by now.

19.11.2015 - 0:58   
Current situation at demarkation line between Ukraine and DPR (DETAILED MAPS) | Русская весна

Ukrainian tanks missing at storage sites - violation of weapon withdrawal obligations.

18.11.2015 - 21:07   
ISIS is fascism created by the USA, - Syrian opposition leader | Русская весна

ISIS is criminal financial system, USA’s operation on ISIS creation is called «Wasps’ nest».

12.11.2015 - 18:03   
BREAKING: Russian airstrike hit ISIS oil centre in Deir ez-Zor after previous American and French failed attempts (PHOTO) | Русская весна

Today in Arab social networks appeared information about efficient airstrike on oilbearing field Al-Amr in Deir ez-Zor governorate.

06.11.2015 - 14:27   
Positive changes in Syrian military and political situation | Русская весна

Syrian military experts explains changes in islamistic circles and new trends defining outcome of war.

04.11.2015 - 5:28   
Human Rights on Syrian front of informational war on Russia | Русская весна

Informational war methods have become much more simple nowadays as they’ve shifted into generally available areas — experience has proven that veryone can establish a «monitoring centre» or «perform analysis» at the level of Ukrai

04.11.2015 - 2:30   
Split poles: Syrian "fighters" are to be opposed against "terrorists" | Русская весна

Syrian military expert and politologist explained "Russian Spring" intricate connections inside snaky knot of terror organizations which occuppied part of the country.

31.10.2015 - 10:40   
Why Syrian terrorists change their sign-board? What do we expect now? | Русская весна

What hides behind significant HR changes in the tops of terror groups operating in Syria? Who is going underground to hide bloodbathed hands in the sleeves and why. Read the article below to reveal everyhing.

31.10.2015 - 5:48   
NATO is secretly arming terrorists | Русская весна

Weapons are coming from Turkey and Bulgaria.

30.10.2015 - 9:47   
17 terrorists trying to desert from Russian airstrikes to Jordan captured and executed by their fellows — Syrian reporter | Русская весна

Executions as the last discipline strengthening measure among terrorists.

23.10.2015 - 19:58   
How it works: Internet lying machine — Syrian Observatory for Human Rights | Русская весна

The article tells how massive informational war on Russia is being waged with the help of social networks and fake «monitoring human right centres».

22.10.2015 - 10:29   
What’s changed in Syrian army’s action? | Русская весна

Changing tactics of Syrian Arab Army redraw shapes of the war.

19.10.2015 - 11:52   
USA airforce deliberately shell Syrian civilian objects  | Русская весна

NATO war planes destroyed yet another power plant near Aleppo.

19.10.2015 - 8:14   
Ukrainian propaganda following West: lie about Russian air mission in Syria | Русская весна

Ukrainian propagandist uses unclear phto to build anti-Russian horror story on. "Russian Spring" uncovers the lie.

18.10.2015 - 7:03   
Plotnitsky: "Final and unconditional surrender awaits Ukraine" | Русская весна

Head of Lugansk Republic on integration wih Russia, Russian passports for Lugansk people and realities of everyday life in the young state.

14.10.2015 - 20:11   
SENSATION: Russian MiG-29 in Syria was downed by a direct hit straight from Twitter | Русская весна

The recipe of a smoking hot fake from British media: some Twitter powder, unexisting eyewitnesses, stir, do not shake.

12.10.2015 - 10:55   
ISIS spreading leaflets threatening genocide (PHOTOS, translation) | Русская весна

ISIS propaganda leaflts are being spread among civilians in the regions where Syrian Arab Army is about to advance.

11.10.2015 - 23:21   
BREAKING: Bagdadi (ISIS chief) wounded | Русская весна

10.10.2015 - 20:15   
Tense situation on Syrian fronts — war report by «Timur» | Русская весна

Syrian governmental forces offensive is being deployed in the two main directions.

09.10.2015 - 22:18   
October 7, 2015 will go down in history as the day of the final overthrow US from Global Olympus | Русская весна

October 7, 2015 will go down in history as the day of the final removal of the US from the Olympus.

06.10.2015 - 15:57   
Severe fights at Palmira, ISIL drops off to Turkish and Iraqi borders in Racca region under Russian airstrikes, — war report by «Timur» | Русская весна

Severe fights at Palmira, ISIL drops off to Turkish and Iraqi borders in Racca region under Russian airsrikes, — war report by «Timur».

05.10.2015 - 8:10   
Islamists to break in the big Syrian cities, Russia to intensify airstrikes on ISIS — new war report from Donbass militia fighter «Timur» | Русская весна

Donbass militia figher «Timur» (nom-de-guerre) who is in Syria now reports exclusively for «Russian Spring»

04.10.2015 - 16:27   
Detailed war report by Donbass militia fighter «Timur» for October 3rd: more than 600 Islamists deserted after Russian airstrikes (PHOTOS) | Русская весна

Details from the frontline positions of Syrian war reported by former Donbass militia fighter.

30.09.2015 - 14:44   
Russia Launches Offensive against Islamic State | Русская весна

The approval by the Federation Council’s of the Russian President’s appeal for use of the Russian military contingent abroad — based on generally recognized rules of international law — has concluded the Russian Armed Forces prepa

28.09.2015 - 17:11   
Panic within Syrian Rebels. New Facts and Versions | Русская весна

There are many posts and messages appeared calling for leaving Syria for a while and moving to Europe in line with refugees where «the stupid Kafir sheep will provide with housing and money».

28.09.2015 - 12:37   
Saudi Arabia Decided to Stop Supporting Syrian Opposition | Русская весна

The mass surrender of so called Syrian opposition fighters which was already mentioned by «Russian Spring» has quite a strong reason.

22.09.2015 - 11:38   
Syrian Army near Latakia, 19.09.2015 | Русская весна

This video presents Syrian troops operating near Latakia, fighting snipers and recovering positions left by enemy.

12.09.2015 - 22:48   
Russia started large-scale humanitarian operation in Syria | Русская весна

Syrian Mass Media reported on Saturday that Antonov-124 «Ruslan» Russian huge aircraft with humanitarian cargo onboard has landed in the airport of Latakia city (see exclusive photos and video).

12.09.2015 - 19:47   
Russian citizens were kidnapped by Ukrainian secret services in Chertkovo | Русская весна

Ukrainian secret services keep making provocations against the Russian Federation.

11.09.2015 - 23:16   
The U. S. Air Force unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on September, 10, attacked the positions of Syrian government forces. This was stated by a senior representative from the military of Syria | Русская весна

However, he said that this attack was disguised as an air strike of the «IS» terrorists, allegedly with the help of captured MiG-21 air-jets.

22.06.2015 - 13:17   
BREAKING: Ukrainian Defense Ministry official joins DPR (UPD VIDEO ENG SUBS) | Русская весна

Since Kiev launched the military operation in the southeast of the country hundreds of soldiers and officers had joined the armed forces of Donetsk republic

21.06.2015 - 23:12   
Ukrainian Right Sector demands Kiev resume offensive in Donbass | Русская весна

The Right Sector nationalist organization will demand from the Ukrainian government to resume offensive in Donbass at an upcoming rally in Kiev on July 3

21.06.2015 - 22:08   
Kiev deploying Grad rocket launchers along frontline | Русская весна

Kiev-led forces deployed two BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher systems near the southern-eastern border of Novotroitskoye, DPR military spokesman Eduard Basurin said

21.06.2015 - 22:03   
Over 10,000 Soldiers Desert Ukrainian Army | Русская весна

Ukrainian men understand the absurdity of the war their government is waging

21.06.2015 - 6:18   
Givi talks on love, war and future - big interview with modern hero | Русская весна

Interview with «Somalia» battallion commander on positions near airport of Donetsk

19.06.2015 - 4:19   
What do Russians think about the Ukrainians? (VIDEO) | Русская весна

A very interesting poll made in Russian streets

18.06.2015 - 23:30   
UKR-TV: there should be concentration camps in Donbass | Русская весна

We should act like the USA, our teachers of freedom and democracy - says Dmytro Korchinskiy, Ukrainian nationalist in a live TV broadcast

18.06.2015 - 21:07   
Another Ukrainian offiial defected to Lugansk Repuplic | Русская весна

I could not be a part of this any more - Oleg Chernousov

16.06.2015 - 23:58   
The latest news from Givi (VIDEO, ENG SUBS) | Русская весна

A short but bright video interview with Novorossia battallion commander "Givi" Mikhail Tolstykh

16.06.2015 - 3:45   
Poroshenko: Three-billion-dollar Russian loan to Ukraine was bribe | Русская весна

Kremlin now wants Kiev to answer whether they considers themselves a legal successor to former government

16.06.2015 - 3:41   
24 people, including 6 women, killed in DPR in past week - DPR ombudsman | Русская весна

Nine people, including three civilians, were reported missing or were detained by Ukrainian troops

16.06.2015 - 3:39   
Ukrainian army shells Donetsk republic 191 times over past 24 hours | Русская весна

Ceasefire regime seems to be completely faded away

15.06.2015 - 23:12   
Texas: I never thought there could be worst president than G. Bush but Obama proved me wrong (VIDEO) | Русская весна

I am here to get the truth out to the world: about Ukrainian war crimes, about courage, dedication and determination of the people of Donbass - an interview with an American soldier of Novorossia armed forces by Graham Phillips

15.06.2015 - 17:59   
Two Kiev officials defect to fight for Lugansk | Русская весна

Two brothers, one of them for the foreign intelligence service, and the other for the Foreign Ministry, held a press conference in Lugansk on Monday after switching sides to fight for the fledgling Lugansk People's Republic

15.06.2015 - 13:33   
Givi talks on what comes next and why Ukraine shells civilians (VIDEO) | Русская весна

An interview with one of Novorossia army commanders known as Givi by Graham Phillips

15.06.2015 - 13:24   
TV journalists wounded in Donetsk | Русская весна

Russian TV journalists came under fire when they showed up at a hospital to record an interview about doctors who provided first aid to Agence France-Presse journalist who was injured last week

14.06.2015 - 23:18   
Militia claim ceasefire in Lugansk republic violated 4 times over 24 hours | Русская весна

No casualties have been reported so far

14.06.2015 - 13:12   
Woman killed in Kiev forces’ shelling in Lugansk republic | Русская весна

According to preliminary information, shelling was carried out with the use of mortars

13.06.2015 - 3:08   
Kiev politician proposes depriving citizenship to Russia sympathizers | Русская весна

The leader of Ukraine’s nationalist Radical Party, Oleh Lyashko, has submitted a bill aiming to deprive "supporters of the Russian world" of Ukrainian citizenship